Snowflake Software is now part of Cirium
    Snowflake Software customers have access to the largest, most complete timely aviation data and analysis.


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    Who we help

    Bring in new business, stay ahead of the competition and shape your future growth. Our analytics, data sets, news, insights and expert opinion can help you identify and explore commercial opportunities to predict and capitalize on changes in the market.


    Trusted tools to expand your airline network


    Class-leading performance information and data


    Airline data to drive smarter investments

    Corporate Travel

    Trip alerts, waiver notifications and airline performance analytics to differentiate your service


    Schedules, fleets and flight status data to protect, empower and educate your nation


    Fleets and accident data to better model and manage risk


    Aircraft leasing data to accelerate your portfolio performance


    Aviation market expertise and alternative data for a strong return

    OEM & Aftermarket

    Comprehensive data for aircraft engine manufacturers and the aftermarket

    Online travel

    Trustworthy industry data consumed by at least 80 percent of the global travel community.


    Most advanced air travel data and analytics including airline schedules and flight analytics

    Travel Tech

    Build your tech solutions with the leader in airline, airport, flight, on-time performance and weather data services.


    “Cirium’s partnership is crucial to us. It is likely that we could maintain 60% to 70% data accuracy on our own, but our users expect as close to 100% correct data as possible, which is why we chose Cirium.”

    Jens Johansson
    Chief Technical Officer at CTravel International AB

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    “I use Cirium information every day. Information is power and Cirium tools give me the news, insight and data to be both current and productive. Whether it’s their news service, aircraft values or fleet information, Cirium equips me with what I need to know.”

    Brian Rynott
    CIO at Voyager

    Giving you access to…

    We deliver reliable market outlooks to help you produce accurate part production forecasts

    80 YEARS’

    80 years’ combined experience

    20 YEARS

    Independent 20 years global fleet


    Fleet data verified by 400+ automated tests


    Over 379,000 unique aircraft records

    We help identify potential customers for specific parts to clear stock, free up warehouse space and improve cashflow

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