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Global data for discovering new airline revenue opportunities

Cirium Diio™ Traffic and Fares provides the global itinerary data needed to analyze
route yields, discover new profitable destinations, and optimize schedules against the competition. Download the overview PDF.

Greater outcomes achieved from better data

As the most-trusted provider of aviation data, Cirium has provided aviation stakeholder with reliable schedule and route data for over 40 years. Cirium Traffic and Fares data helps users gain valuable insights for travel distribution, airline planning, industry trends and profitability. Traffic and Fares leverages multiple data sources to deliver the most accurate and trusted information for planning and market analysis:

  • Global schedules
  • Multi-GDS booking data
  • Airport
  • Passenger Preference QSI
  • Government fares and traffic statistics
  • Travel industry fares and traffic statistics
Diio Traffic and Fares chart

Plan with confidence

  • Gain insights on historical traffic between any two airports worldwide
  • Analyze market changes and passenger travel patterns
  • Create airline benchmark and performance analyses
  • Improve forecasts using historical trends
  • Determine yield and revenue by route and cabin configuration

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Global data for discovering profitable routes and analyzing yield

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