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Bespoke Analytics

Premium services to meet the customized needs of business

Cirium BluTM professional data services provides bespoke analytics to meet the customized needs of business.

Premium aviation data and services for businesses with unique analytics needs

Cirium BluTM solutions and professional services encourage creative thinking and innovation by delivering custom projects for organizations with unique aviation intelligence needs.

Professional Data Services

Cirium Blu custom integration services

Cirium’s technologists and data engineers bring data architecture, development and QA skills along with a deep understanding of the Cirium datasets to your project. They are equipped to mesh seamlessly with your team to help complete a project or work independently on customized data solutions.

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Custom Insights and Workbooks

Custom Tableau workbooks for unique insights and to meet project demands.

We work with customers across aviation to design insights to help spot trends, explain market shifts and highlight new perspectives into key aspects of aviation, including equipment, financing and planning.

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