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Cirium Insights

Custom Tableau workbooks delivering bespoke aviation analytics

Cirium Insights are Tableau workbooks designed to help spot trends, explain market shifts and highlight new perspectives into key aspects of aviation, including equipment, financing and planning.

Insights workbooks are built to client specifications by Cirium BluTM and offer bespoke analytics to meet the customized needs of business.

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Cirium Insights

Visualizations into critical aviation and air travel data

Quick and easy

The most critical data, all in one place, represented in easy-to-understand-and-share charts and graphs. No need to maintain your own data or update complicated reports.

Data-driven culture

Work together and share persuasive visualizations. Easily export the data to Excel, PDF, PowerPoint or existing enterprise systems for further manipulation.

Statistical confidence

With data going back to 2004, gathered from more than 2,000 sources including  35 million tracked flights per year, there is always enough information to make confident and accurate decisions.

Customized as needed

Cirium offers Insights in pre-built workbooks on common topics, or work with Cirium to produce a bespoke custom solution designed around your needs.

Aircraft Watch Maintenance and Fleet UX

Aircraft Watch

Cirium’s Aircraft Watch Insights Workbook delivers up-to-date information on global aircraft movements – fusing hours and cycles with fleet data by MSN. Aircraft watch is designed to help aftermarket specialists and lessors to monitor the status of their asset portfolios, during the COVID-19 pandemic and as the industry recovers.

Aircraft Watch Fleet

  • High-level operational summaries by aircraft types and operators
  • Filter by operator, lease manager, aircraft series, engine series and more
  • Comprehensive view of hours and cycles and flight activity by individual aircraft

Aircraft Watch Maintenance

  • Identify aircraft that requires maintenance based on industry averages and analysis of actual hours and cycles by MSN
  • Track aircraft on ground
  • Track airtime since last ground stay

Workbooks for any industry

Cirium offers a number of Insights workbooks and can easily create a new workbook for custom information needs.

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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    Insights Workbooks

    With compelling visualizations in stunning analytics dashboards, strategic planners and operations directors alike can easily find answers to critical questions and respond more quickly to changes in the aviation and air travel market.

    Almost any Cirium data set can be turned into custom workbooks with Cirium’s Professional Data Services team.

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