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On-Time Performance

OTP is the most trusted benchmark for airline reliability. On-Time Performance is measured by an aircraft's arrival at the gate within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

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    See the winners of the latest On-Time Performance Annual Review

    On Time Performance graphic showing the 2022 winners iincluding Delta, ANA, Iberia, Azul, Air Asia Qatar, Oman Air

    Jeremy Bowen, CEO of Cirium and member of the OTP Board

    Congratulations to Delta Air Lines for their excellent punctuality performance in Cirium’s 2022 On-Time Performance Review for North America, getting their passengers to their destination on time across North America as the market revived during 2022. Ramping back up operations so quickly after an enforced slowdown is not easy to do…

    – Jeremy Bowen, CEO at Cirium

    Delta Air Lines celebrates its second straight year as Cirium’s Platinum Award winner for global operational excellence. Read the announcement.

    It’s time to celebrate the winners of the 2022 On-Time Performance Awards

    OTP Monthly Image to prompt downloads of the On-Time Performance report

    Cirium On-Time Performance

    Airline on-time performance is defined as an aircraft arrival at the gate under 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time. Airport on-time performance is measured by on-time departing flights. Cirium’s on-time performance reporting for airlines is the longest-standing analysis in the industry, going back over 14 years.

    The On-Time Performance 2022 Review and monthly reports provide airports, airlines, and the traveling public with a neutral, third-party view of which airlines are delivering on their promise to get passengers from point A to point B on-time.

    The Cirium Airline and Airport On-Time Performance Board

    Cirium is the first and only company that has an OTP Advisory Board, comprised of industry experts with an unbiased view of the industry. The board of advisors’ oversight ensures accuracy and proper representation of all the information we present. 

    Jeremy Bowen, CEO

    Jeremy Bowen

    Chairperson of Advisory Board

    Chief Executive Officer, Cirium

    WilliamBoulter OTP board member

    Willy Boulter

    Board Member

    Consultant and former airline executive

    Luis Felipe de Olivera, OTP board member

    Luis Felipe de Oliveira

    Board Member

    Director General, ACI World

    Ben Baldanza, OTP board member

    Ben Baldanza

    Board Member

    Board Director, JetBlue Airways

    Henry Harteveldt, OTP board member

    Henry H. Harteveldt

    Board Member

    President, Atmosphere Research Group

    Mike Malik, CMO and OTP board member

    Mike Malik

    Board Member and Committee Chairperson

    Chief Marketing Officer, Cirium

    Lydia Webb, OTP board member

    Lydia Webb

    Board Secretary

    Marketing Director – Americas & Strategic Programs, Cirium

    2022 Winners Award Presentations and Ceremonies

    See More Photos from the 2022 and 2021 Award Presentations and Ceremonies

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