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The Cirium PR team is ready to support news stories with data and commentary. Cirium data is available upon request to credentialed journalists.

Proper citation should be used with all Cirium provided data or analysis, as noted here:

  • Cirium, a data and analytics company/an aviation [or travel] analytics company
  • Citations for data, analyses or insights: “… according to Cirium data/analysis/insights”
  • Specific data used in charts: “Source: The Cirium Core, data filed (include date)”
  • Commentary from our consultants: “… said Rob Morris at Ascend by Cirium” (Cirium’s consultancy arm)

Media contacts:

Rachel Humphries
Tracy Cheung

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Recent news mentions

The Points Guy, January 19, 2021
American Airlines add 2 new routes, boosts 2 others with latest schedule update
Cirium schedules show that American plans to fly 35% fewer flights in the first quarter of 2021 compared to two years prior.

Forbes, January 4, 2021
The Last 10 Months Wiped Out 21 Years Of Air Travel Growth
“More than two decades of growth in air travel has been erased during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new report by air travel data analytics company Cirium.”

Aviation Business News, January 4, 2021
Covid-19 reaction wipes out 21 years of global aviation growth, says new report
“ ‘This severe setback shows the true extent of the challenge faced by the struggling aviation sector as it has sought to reset itself in the new post Covid-19 era,’ said Cirium’s CEO Jeremy Bowen.”

Nikkei, December 31, 2020
Asian airlines fly nervously into post-COVID future
Nikkei Asia uses Cirium data to provide an in-depth analysis of the state of the airline industry in Asia.

CNN, December 30, 2020
How flying will change in 2021
“North American passenger jet arrivals dropped by 48% year-on-year, according to December figures released by aviation analytics company Cirium.”

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