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    Latest news

    Cirium in the news

    The New York Times, January 25, 2024
    Scheduled to Fly on a Boeing Max 9? Here Are Your Options.
    With inspection guidelines set for the grounded planes, airlines could start flying the 737 Max 9 later this week. Here’s what travelers should know.

    Reuters, January 17, 2024
    British Airways to double Mandarin-speaking cabin crew on China routes
    British Airways was the second-largest operator of flights to and from China in December 2019, flying 133 times a month before the pandemic, according to aviation data provider Cirium.

    CNN Travel, January 4, 2024
    The world’s most punctual airlines for 2023
    Aviation analytics company Cirium has crunched the numbers to reveal which airlines and airports around the world have the best on-time ratings. 

    Forbes, January 3, 2024
    This Airline Has The Best On-Time Record In North America
    Which airline is the most punctual? In North America, the same major airline has won the award three years in a row.

    Yahoo Finance, December 19, 2023
    Cirium: Airlines Poised to Fly More Seats During Holiday 2023 Compared to 2022: Intra-European Seats Scheduled Up 10%; U.S. Domestic Seats Scheduled Up 8%

    The New York Times, December 3, 2023
    Alaska Airlines Plans to Buy Hawaiian Airlines
    The deal, valued at $1.9 billion, would further consolidate the airline industry and is likely to face close scrutiny by federal antitrust regulators.

    Financial Times, November 19, 2023
    Record airline profits fail to lure back investors
    Airline shares are languishing below pre-pandemic levels as high fuel prices and economic risks weigh on sentiment

    Financial Times, October 22, 2023
    Aircraft rental costs soar as industry struggles with manufacturing delays
    Leasing companies have been able to increase their rates significantly for the most in-demand jets

    CNBC, October 18, 2023
    Sold out hotels and spike in beer sales: How the Cricket World Cup could boost India’s economy
    All five analysts that spoke to CNBC agree that travel, hospitality, food and beverage sales, and media advertising will continue to see a strong demand uptick. 

    Data Science Central, October 17, 2023
    The digital evolution in aviation: how big data and analytics are transforming the industry

    The Independent, September 13, 2023
    The world’s best-connected airports: watch out for China – and Ireland
    Plane Talk: Europe and the US still ahead of Asia, but for how long?

    BBC, August 30, 2023
    We can avoid flight chaos in future, says air traffic boss
    The flight chaos caused by a data processing glitch should not happen again, the head of National Air Traffic Services (Nats) has said.

    Bloomberg Daybreak Asia, August 18, 2023
    Video: Cirium Ascend Consultancy’s Joanna Lu on the impact of China lifting group travel ban to some major cities

    The Financial Times, July 14, 2023
    Britons look to southern Europe for cheaper summer holidays
    Tourism groups say choice of destinations and growth of package deals reflect people’s keenness to maximise budgets

    The Financial Times, July 12, 2023
    Why airlines are hoping for a less chaotic summer than last
    Carriers seek to avoid the chaos and disruption that marred travel last year

    Bloomberg, July 4, 2023
    Video: Ascend by Cirium’s Lu on Asia Aviation Outlook
    Joanna Lu, head of consultancy for Asia at Ascend by Cirium, discusses her outlook for Asia’s travel sector in the second half of 2023. She speaks with Bloomberg’s Rishaad Salamat and Haidi Stroud-Watts on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.” 

    Reuters, June 20, 2023
    Global airlines grasp at the 100% recovery
    Global airlines are setting drawn out timelines to a full recovery. 

    CNBC, June 8, 2023
    What it takes to turn an old passenger plane into a cargo hauler
    A boom in air cargo fueled record orders for old passenger planes to be converted into freighter aircraft.

    The Washington Post, May 5, 2023
    Air travel demand may fuel another record summer. Here’s what will be different.
    Airlines are putting measures in place to avoid the disruptions that marred previous pandemic-era summers

    The Wall Street Journal May 4, 2023
    U.S. Allows Chinese Airlines to Increase Flights to 12 a Week
    Passenger flights remain significantly restricted, as bilateral exchanges of people and information dwindle

    The New York Times, April 10, 2023
    China Has Reopened to Tourists. The Hard Part Is Getting There.
    Despite loosened visa rules, the number of flights into China is still a small fraction of what it was before the pandemic, fueled partly by geopolitical tensions.

    Reuters, April 6, 2023
    Analysis: Easter travel warnings pile pressure on European airlines
    European aviation is gearing up for Easter travel disruptions marked by strikes and cancellations, in a major test of the industry’s ability to prevent a repeat of last year’s summer holiday season chaos.

    CNBC, March 24, 2023
    India’s travel industry may not overtake China soon but there are still ‘massive’ opportunities
    India’s airline industry may be on a strong growth trajectory — but don’t expect India’s outbound travel to overtake China’s soon, aviation analysts say.

    DW, March 15, 2023
    New plane orders take off in India’s aviation market
    A series of record airplane orders is turning India into the aerospace industry’s hottest growth market. Air India is on a buying spree, likely to be followed by IndiGo, and it will make Airbus and Boeing even richer.

    South China Morning Post, March 8, 2023
    United Airlines reports strong demand for flights between Hong Kong and San Francisco but warns fully restoring passenger traffic will take time

    Bloomberg, March 7, 2023
    Video: Ascend by Cirium on Cathay Pacific’s Performance
    Joanna Lu, Head of Consultancy Asia at Ascend by Cirium, gives her outlook for Cathay Pacific on “Bloomberg Markets Asia”. She speaks with Rishaad Salamat and Yvonne Man. 

    BBC, February 13, 2023
    Heathrow sees busiest January since start of Covid
    Heathrow Airport has recorded its busiest January since the start of the pandemic, with 5.4 million passengers travelling through it last month.

    Bloomberg, January 20, 2023
    China Air Travel Approaches Pre-Pandemic Levels for Holidays
    Air travel in China has returned to January 2019 levels ahead of the important Lunar New Year holidays, according to aviation data provider Cirium.

    Reuters , January 16, 2023
    Air finance summit tackles jet shortages amid China travel thaw
    China’s abrupt decision to lift COVID-19 travel curbs could accelerate a global recovery in air traffic – but after widespread staff shortages, the airline industry is now struggling with a shortage of jets, financiers said on Monday.

    CNN, January 4, 2023
    The world’s most punctual airlines in 2022 were…
    During what was a particularly chaotic 12 months for aviation, Azul Brazilian operated nearly 280,000 flights last year and 88.93% of them arrived within 15 minutes of its scheduled time at the gate – Cirium’s performance measure.

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