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Making the skies greener. Aviation’s seal of integrity, precision and insight.

Build sustainable travel programs, and monitor and benchmark flight emissions with EmeraldSky. See our Partnerships and Endorsements.

The leader in aircraft and flight emissions data

Discover a unique and unparalleled methodology, data, and analytics.

Understand the impact of every flight

EmeraldSkyTM represents a ground-breaking integration of data, analytics, and innovative methodology, delivering unparalleled precision in measuring aircraft and flight CO2 emissions. Developed by Cirium®, part of LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, a RELX business, it offers a precise and comprehensive perspective on aircraft and flight CO2 emissions as well as fuel consumption for every flight and aircraft.

EmeraldSky meticulously considers essential factors such as aircraft model, engine types, age, flight duration, passenger count, and even cargo capacity, ensuring a comprehensive emissions assessment. By harnessing EmeraldSky, businesses can secure a competitive advantage and contribute to greener and cleaner future for the industry and their own operations.

Listen In: Cirium CEO, Jeremy Bowen, on the power of Flight and Aircraft Emissions insights. LISTEN TO THE SIMPLIFLYING PODCAST

Learn about the detailed methodology used to calculate Flight Emissions


Deliver on sustainability promises with the most accurate, historic and forecasted emissions data in air travel and transport.

Cirium data provides clear insights into an organization’s aircraft and flight emissions footprint to help make informed decisions when choosing flights and equipment.

Fly informed
with Cirium

Trusted market leader green-s

Trusted market leader

Cirium data is independent, verified and trusted. Our continuous investment in innovation propels the industry towards achieving its net-zero sustainability objectives.

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Unmatched industry expertise

With decades of deep industry knowledge and unparalleled experience, Cirium takes a consultative approach to sustainability. We provide unbiased insights into operations. We help identify opportunities, recommend solutions and help implement them across your organization.

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When the right partnership matters

Discover how you can harness comprehensive historic and forecasted aircraft and flight emissions. Deliver elevated environmental insights, optimized travel and offset costs, and enhance regulatory compliance to your customers by partnering with Cirium. 

Cirium specializes in delivering vital aircraft and flight emission analytics.

Our precision and accuracy outshine competitors, fostering cleaner and greener air travel. Join us in shaping a future of aviation sustainability with Cirium.

  • Unmatched Schedule Updates: Access to over 900+ schedules, meticulously updated 280,000 times daily.
  • Real-Time Flight Data: Break through traditional data limitations with Cirium’s comprehensive real-time accuracy. Drawing from over 600 diverse sources, including the only ATG-grade satellite-based positions powered by Aireon, we deliver 1.1 million updates per hour, ensuring you’re always informed and ahead.
  • Extensive Aircraft Insights: Dive deep into the world of commercial aircraft with Cirium’s exhaustive database. Spanning over 475K aircraft, 770 types, and more than 300 attributes per aircraft – the definitive resource for precise specifications and analytics.
  • Advanced Emission Analytics: Remove the uncertainty in emission tracking with Cirium’s EmeraldSky, the premier independent source of emissions data based on real flight operations and aircraft attributes.
  • Rapid Emission Data Access: Gain immediate insights into your environmental impact with our granular and accessible emission data. Cirium enables you to measure emissions by aircraft and flight in hours, not months, facilitating proactive environmental stewardship.

Enhance disclosure of environmental emissions, streamline travel and aircraft fleet planning

In aviation, staying ahead demands speed, efficiency, precision, and foresight. Cirium leads in aviation analytics, providing top data solutions – setting new benchmarks for operational excellence.

Explore how Cirium’s features can empower your emission disclosures and aviation flight reduction strategies.

Create a custom view of business travel emissions
Providing emissions insights is becoming a key element to ESG Reporting. Corporations can collaborate with Cirium Blu – Flight Emissions to generate bespoke sustainability and ESG insights and use this to inform reduction strategies. 

Offer forecasted CO2 emissions for flights – at the time of booking
Integrate the Cirium Sky Emissions API with booking tools to provide predicted emissions estimates on schedule flights for each seat in a specific cabin. Enable swift decision making at the point of travel shopping to meet traveler expectations for environment-conscious booking.

Weave emissions data into analysis and strategic planning
Fuse emissions data with other datasets as part of Cirium Sky Warehouse and improve strategic decision making around the carbon footprint of operations, drive operational excellence to help reduce emissions and identify new opportunities to support ESG initiatives.

Monitor the CO2 emissions of a portfolio of aircraft
Create a custom aircraft portfolio with Cirium Ascend Risk Analytics to monitor and analyze the emissions footprint of the aircraft and portfolio and include this in ESG reporting. Scenario model by replacing old aircraft with new more fuel efficient aircraft and compare multiple portfolios.


A consultative approach
to sustainability

Wherever you are on your sustainability journey,
Cirium can help you reach your goals. 

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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