Seamlessly integrate Cirium Sky API – Emissions to enhance

pre-booking global flight information

Meet the challenges of changing traveler expectations and increasing focus from government agencies and stakeholders on the environmental impact of aviation with Cirium Sky API – Emissions. Enable swift decision-making at the point of sale with enhanced pre-travel information and forward-looking insights around CO₂ emissions.

Cirium Sky APIs are a part of the Cirium Sky™️ advanced analytics suite, the vital source of aviation intelligence providing unparalleled access to the richest aviation data, now available and integrated in one place. Cirium Sky is pivotal in propelling the digital transformation of aviation, enabling superior decision making to save significant time, CO₂ emissions, and cost.  

Support clients with pre-travel information around CO₂ emissions to help the traveler reduce their carbon footprint.
Identify the accurate CO₂ emissions associated with a specific flight and with a given seat to create transparency for clients booking travel.

Enable consumers to consider the CO₂ emissions of a flight at the time of booking.
Create visibility of CO₂ emissions associated with a specific flight and with a given seat so when a consumer is searching for flights, they can consider the environmental impact at the time of booking.

Make informed decisions on planned operations, proactively managing their carbon footprint versus competitors.
Gain forward-looking insights around CO₂ emissions of planned operations and benchmark against competing airlines.

Cirium Sky APIs

Make transformative decisions with confidence. Fly seamlessly, with Cirium Sky.

Example using Emissions API, showing predicted CO₂ in a Booking Tool.

of Cirium Sky API – Emissions

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