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The industry’s most complete source of aviation data and analytics, to advance strategic planning and post-operations analysis 

Cirium Sky Warehouse is part of the Cirium Sky™️ advanced analytics suite, the vital source of aviation intelligence providing unparalleled access to the richest aviation data, now available and integrated in one place.    

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Integrate historical and forward-looking aviation data into chosen business systems

Improve strategic decision-making, drive operational excellence, improve customer service, identify new opportunities and effectively meet demand.

Cirium Sky Warehouse brings together the highest quality aviation data available in the market today, interconnected, consistent and impartial, in one accessible cloud platform. Covering the 360-degree view of aviation from flights, schedules, and fleet to traffic, fares, weather, DOT BTS, flow management, accidents and emissions.

Case Study: Vueling sets the pace for digital transformation

Innovative European low-cost-carrier, Vueling, implemented Cirium Sky Warehouse, fusing together Cirium’s leading schedules, flight status and fleet data, moving away from multiple providers.

Vueling has leveraged intelligence from Cirium Sky Warehouse to:

  • Evaluate and inform decision making around base performance (turnaround time, block time, and on-time performance) compared to competing airlines
  • Create a dynamic KPI correlation analysis mapping Vueling against competitors
  • Produce operational strategies based on the analysis of seasonal behaviour of Vueling versus other carriers
  • Inform operational efficiency initiatives based on utilization analysis and benchmarking
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Save time, emissions and costs

Be efficient

Consolidate your data procurement through our on-demand query-based data-as-a-service offering with historical and forward-looking data intelligence, integrated in one place.  

Analyze with confidence

Access the world’s most comprehensive aviation data and have confidence in the quality. Base your decisions on data validated and trusted by major industry players.


Easily flow aviation data into workflows, business intelligence tools and teams through multiple delivery options. Enable seamless ingestion of data to reduce inaccuracies and advance decision making.  

Cirium Sky

Make transformative decisions with Cirium Sky Warehouse

Speak to the Cirium team to find out how Cirium Sky Warehouse can accelerate your digital transformation.

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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    Advance strategic planning and post-operations analysis

    Airline operations icon showing a plane

    Airline Operations can make improved strategic decisions and drive operational excellence, saving time, emissions and cost.

    Airline planning icon showing a plan on a notepad

    Airline planning can optimize future offers and improve airline route and network strategic decisions.

    calendar icon to represent hotel reservations

    Hotel reservations can effectively manage hotel reservations around flight schedules and improve customer experience.

    aircraft price icon representing aircraft leasing

    Aircraft leasing can identify new aircraft leasing business opportunities and proactively identify asset risk.

    Fuel canister icon representing aviation fuel demand

    Fuel demand can effectively meet the demands for aviation fuel supply, optimizing resources.

    Flow the data into the chosen systems

    Access data and analytics through a multi-tenanted cloud platform providing sophisticated machine-to-machine compatibility and flow the data fluently into chosen systems. Connect business intelligence tools and create visual analytics, dashboard and dynamic reports.

    Chart showing how Cirium data stored in a Snowflake or AWS cloud can integrate with enterprise IS systems.

    Cirium has the industry’s most trusted aviation data and analytics

    – Published schedules 
    – Marketing and operating carrier 
    – Minimum connect times (MCT) 
    – Mainline and regional carriers 
    – Departure and arrival airports 
    – Aircraft seat configurations 
    – Aircraft types 
    – Aircraft ownership and age  
    – Aircraft cycle and utilization 
    – MTOW 
    – Aircraft and engine values 
    – Aircraft engine types 
    – Class and seat configuration 
    – Installed IFEC systems 
    – Accident data 

    – Flight status (OOOI, IRROPS) 
    – Departure and arrival times 
    – Flight surveillance ad positional  
    – Tail / registration numbers 
    – Aircraft types and changes 
    – Flight plans 
    – Advanced metrics (deviation analysis) 
    PassengerAeronautical & flowEmissions
    – Global traffic 
    – Global tickets 
    – Fare offers 
    – QSI  Fair Share 
    – Trip Breaks 
    – Itineraries 
    – Trip outcomes 
    – Waivers 

    – FAA Traffic Management Initiatives (TMI) 
    – FAA SWIM (TFMS) 
    – Eurocontrol (Regulations) 
    – Weather – METARs, TAFs, Sigmets 
    – NOTAMs 
    – Aeronautical information  
    – Other ANSP related info. 
    – Forecast fuel burn and CO2 emissions per flight, per seat 
    – Historical fuel burn and CO2 emissions per flight, per seat


    Speak to the Cirium team about specific data and analytics that you would like access through Cirium Sky Warehouse.

    Multiple cloud platform options

    Snowflake hosted cloud interface which enables businesses to directly merge other Snowflake-hosted data and analytics for analysis. Snowflake allows for quick and easy connections to business intelligence tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.     
    AWS hosted cloud platform, which enables access to Cirium’s data and analytics through a preferred SQL/CB client. Amazon Redshift allows the fusion of Cirium’s data and analytics with other data in a preferred SQL/DB client for connecting to business intelligence tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.  

    Cirium Sky enables businesses to make the best management and operational decisions with machine-readable aviation analytics:

    Cirium Sky API
    Cirium Sky Stream 

    Discover more about Cirium’s wealth of data available through Cirium Sky APIs and data warehouse:

    Aviation data sets
    Emissions data
    Flight operations data

    Cirium Sky enables the digital transformation of aviation and superior decision making while providing time, CO₂ emissions, and, cost benefits.  

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      Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

      By registering your details, you understand that your personal data will be handled according to our Privacy Policy, additionally, you confirm the information being submitted is your own.

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