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Real-time aviation data and intelligence on demand for swift decision making

Never has the need for real-time analytics been needed more, following the global events which have impacted air travel. Enter Cirium Sky APIs, providing on-demand access to Cirium’s comprehensive and trusted data and analytics. Easily integrate fused aviation data into your systems and workflows and advance your automation and decision making.

The Emissions API provides easy access to accurate flight emissions data calculated using the EmeraldSkyTM methodology.  

Cirium Sky APIs are a part of the Cirium Sky™️ advanced analytics suite, the vital source of aviation intelligence providing unparalleled access to the richest aviation data, now available and integrated in one place.

Cirium Sky API

NEW! Cirium Sky API – Emissions  

Get near real-time forward-looking schedules layered with CO₂ emissions estimates and offer forecast CO₂ emissions for flights at the time of booking.

Integrate the Cirium Sky API – Emissions and apply predicted CO₂ emissions estimates on scheduled flights, for each seat in a specific cabin.

The accuracy of Cirium’s emissions estimates far exceed what is available in the industry today and have been independently commended by American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic for the superior approach and accuracy. Accurate measuring, monitoring and forecasting of CO₂ emissions is critical as we target and monitor progress to delivering on sustainability targets and NetZero 2050, allowing us to better understand our environmental impact. Find out more

Example Booking Tool integrating the Cirium Sky API – Emissions showing predicted CO₂ 

API-powered innovation and automation

Enable swift decision-making with enhanced pre-travel information and forward-looking insights around CO₂ emissions. CONTACT SALES

Feed the industry’s richest real-time aviation data into your systems and workflows and get ahead of travel disruption, traffic flow, and providing emission estimates. Get access to Cirium’s variety of APIs and complementary products and streamline your processes. One provider leveraging data from the same source.   
Make decisions based on blended data providing analytics which have been previously unavailable or untapped, including CO₂ emissions, real-time flight tracking and more.  

Cirium Developer Studio  

Explore Cirium’s wide range of APIs in the Cirium Developer Studio which acts as a gateway to choosing and working with Cirium APIs.  

APIs include flight status, flight tracking, CO₂ emissions, flight alerts, weather, fleet inventories, NOTAMs and more.

Explore Cirium Developer Studio  

Cirium Sky enables businesses to make the best management and operational decisions with machine-readable aviation analytics:

Cirium Sky Warehouse  
Cirium Sky Stream 

Discover more about Cirium’s wealth of data at the foundation of Cirium Sky:

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