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Cirium Developer Studio

Power enterprise and travel applications with the most trusted aviation APIs


Cirium Developer Studio brings together our 3 API Platforms

The APIs within each platform are designed to easily work together

FlightStats APIs
FlightStats APIsFlight status, tracking, schedules and alert services for a wide range of travel applications. Get evaluation account.

Laminar Data Hub
Enterprise level platform APIs for ANSP, UTM, SWIM, NOTAM, and CDM applications. Get evaluation account.

Trips and Waivers
Travel monitoring and alerting platform centered around your travelers’ itineraries. Get evaluation account.


API Explorer

The interactive API Explorer tool brings together all APIs in one place, providing an easy-to-use UI, to try out Cirium APIs

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Sample APIs

Global and regional flight schedules
Flight status
Flight Tracking
Flights Alerts
Fleet inventories

Cirium Developer Studio overview

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