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Real-time aviation APIs, data and intelligence on demand for swift decision making


APIs are part of the Cirium SkyTM advanced analytics suite, the vital source of aviation intelligence providing unparalleled access to the richest aviation data, now available and integrated in one place. Cirium Sky is pivotal in propelling the digital transformation of aviation, enabling superior decision making to save significant time, CO₂ emissions and cost. 

Explore the Cirium Sky Developer Studio with a range of APIs for enterprise-level automation, or to power critical travel applications. 

Automate more effectively by finding the right API for the right opportunity

Cirium Sky APIs are offered via three platforms and are designed to work together 

Cirium Sky Stream
Cirium Sky™️ Stream brings Cirium’s complete aviation data to business systems via a push-based API, providing a live feed of data and analytics. Solutions need to be compliant with AMQP and is supported by all major technologies e.g. Java, Python, C, C++, PHP, Node.js.
FlightStats APIs
APIs providing a set of status and tracking APIs by flight, airport, fleet, route or area for multiple travel applications. Designed for ease of use with REST, supporting JSON, JSONP, XML formats, as well as SOAP.
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Laminar Data Hub
Enterprise level platform REST APIs for businesses in need of forward-schedule CO₂ emissions estimates in a JSON format or for ANSP, UTM, SWIM, NOTAM, and CDM applications, using AIXM and FIXM formats. Get evaluation account.

Trips and Waivers
APIs providing traveler trip alerts, agent alerts, travel waiver services and trip status. Trips can be imported using a Trip Import API or can be retrieved from a company via GDS and back-office solutions. Get evaluation account.

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Sample APIs

Forward-schedule CO₂ emissions
Global and regional flight schedules
Flight Emissions API
Aircraft Positional API
Flight Tracker API
Flight Status API
Flight Delay API
Airline API
Flight Tracking API
Flights Alerts API
Weather API
Fleet Inventories API

Cirium Developer Studio overview

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API Explorer

The interactive API Explorer tool brings together all APIs in one place, providing an easy-to-use UI, to try out Cirium APIs.

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    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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