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Cirium Sky Stream  

A live stream of aviation data and analytics for situational awareness 

Cirium Sky Stream is part of the Cirium Sky™️ advanced analytics suite, the vital source of aviation intelligence providing unparalleled access to the richest aviation data, now available and integrated in one place.  

Cirium Sky Stream

Enhanced situational awareness of aircraft and flights

Get a complete view of contextual factors and conditions impacting a flight, pre, during and post flight. Gain an accurate perspective of every aircraft spanning across the pre-tactical, tactical and post flight phases.

Cirium Sky™️ Stream brings Cirium’s complete aviation data to business systems via an event-triggered API, providing a live feed of data and analytics. Data can be surfaced from the industry’s most comprehensive database, the Cirium Core. Ranging from aircraft utilization, flight position and fleet to airline schedules, CO₂ emissions and NOTAMs.

See the Cirium Aviation Datasets to find out more.

image of a control center leveraging Cirium Sky data

NEW! Integrated Flight Feed  

Integrate a live stream of aircraft positional analytics into business systems to improve operations and reduce disruption and costs. 

The Integrated Flight Feed is the latest Cirium Sky Stream offering which provides gapless coverage of flights and aircraft worldwide, over oceans, mountains, or low altitude locations. Cirium’s data science has fused together the only ATS-grade surveillance satellite-flight tracking data with flight status, schedules, and fleet data, which can be accessed seamlessly through the push-based API.

Heighten situational awareness of aircraft and flights with the most precise positional analytics and enable greater understanding of the current and changing state of a situation or the aircraft. Increase the ability to anticipate future operational scenarios or environmental variations or developments.

Automate decision making with the new Integrated Flight Feed   

Integrate the Cirium Sky Stream live feed of precise positional intelligence to enhance the situational awareness of various flights and aircraft.

Use gapless data  Have confidence Seamlessly integrate  
Be more precise by leveraging gapless, global coverage of all modern aircraft equipped with ADS-B. Available through Cirium’s long-term commercial partnership with Aireon and their network of 66 satellites, producing the most complete coverage with high frequency and low latency.  Cirium’s positional analytics fuses the industry-leading satellite flight tracking data with Cirium’s proprietary flight status, schedules for over 900 airlines, and complete fleet intelligence. Have confidence using the most advanced data not available elsewhere.  As an integrated flight feed leveraging Cirium’s new Stream capability, advanced positional data and analytics are pushed directly into business systems without the need to retrieve the information. Weave into workflows and layer business intelligence tools to visualize flight events in real time.  

Sample flight positional map with Cirium Sky Stream, Integrated Flight Feed 

Visualize flight activity and monitor specific airspace or aircraft based on portfolio, airport or other scoping.  

Improve operations and reduce flight disruption 

Improve flight delay diagnosis

Enhance ETA and connection efficiency 

Get advanced intelligence
on taxi times and runway configurations

Accelerate the identification of holding pattern likelihood

Predict flight delays sooner 


NOTAMs Cirium Stream

Close to real-time awareness of airspace events  

Accurate, easy to interpret Notice to Air Missions (NOTAMs) enable operators and pilots to be aware of any issues that may affect a flight, aerodrome, FIR or airspace of interest.  

Receiving timely NOTAMs is critical to flight planning. As part of Cirium Sky, NOTAMs are available via Cirium Sky Stream, so the intelligence can be integrated as a push-based API into business systems.  

NOTAMs are also available via Cirium Sky API.  

Cirium Sky enables businesses to make the best management and operational decisions with machine-readable aviation analytics:

Cirium Sky API
Cirium Sky Warehouse

Discover more about Cirium’s wealth of data at the foundation of Cirium Sky:

Aviation data sets
Emissions data
Flight operations data

Accelerate your digital transformation

Tap into Cirium’s advanced analytics including satellite-based flight tracking, fleet and airline schedules via a live feed for heightened situational awareness of aircraft and flights.

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