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Cirium provides an aggregated set of consistent, cleaned and validated global NOTAM data for easy-to-read notices or leading navigation systems.

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Notices to Airmen, or the more modern name Notice to Air Missions, are an important part of flight-planning, regardless of whether it is an airline or drone pilot. Cirium spatially enriches NOTAM data and makes it available through easy to use technology for reading directly or incorporating into 2-D and 3-D navigation systems. With accurate and easy to interpret NOTAMs, operators and pilots are aware of any issues that may affect their flight, aerodrome, FIR or airspace of interest. 

NOTAM solutions are delivered through the Cirium SkyTM Advanced Analytics platform, a vital source of aviation intelligence that powers the systems used by the industry and plays a pivotal role in propelling the digital transformation of aviation.

NOTAM bird's eye view

Single source of NOTAM information

Access to full flight, aeronautical, weather and NOTAM data from one platform. No need for multiple data agreements!

Fused, enhanced and validated data

Global NOTAMs available from a single source. Enhanced to provide full NOTAM lifecycle support and geometry.

Easy access

Access just the data you need through a range of REST and Streaming APIs which can be customized to filter the data at source for your application.

NOTAM detail view

Fully managed service

Laminar Data Hub is a fully managed service and guarantees high-availability. Users have options to increase SLA, Supported hours and more

Data format options

As experts in aviation data transformation, we’re able to make our NOTAM data available in both GeoJSON and the recognized aviation SWIM standard, AIXM.

Support and Professional Services

All Cirium data subscriptions come with access to our dedicated, experienced support team to give you technical support and peace of mind. Additionally, Cirium Professional Services can help with any application integration or data engineering project.

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    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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