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UTM ready data

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management

Integrate accurate real-time data for navigation, enabling drones to fly safely in low-altitude airspace. Cirium’s machine-readable, spatially enriched and easily accessible NOTAM, TFR and Airspace data are designed to work with UTM solutions for the safe integration of drones, UAVs (UMVs) into the global airspace.

UTM managed drone, drone navigation

Data for UTM Systems

Create airspace situational awareness

Shared awareness

Provide users with access to a common situational picture of their operating airspace through spatially enriched NOTAM data.

Simplified navigational data

Access machine-readable NOTAMs in a developer-friendly format.

Single source for NOTAMs

Simplify processes with one source for global NOTAMs.

Trusted and reliable

Cirium is recognized for the most reliable and accurate data in the industry.

Fixed wing UAS drone and launch

Easy to integrate data for UTM

  • By enriching NOTAM data with a high-quality aeronautical data-set, unmanned aircraft systems developers can provide a complete global picture of the airspace, its restrictions and any relevant events.
  • Cirium provides a full set of enhanced global NOTAMs to provide full NOTAM lifecycle support and geometry.
  • Documented APIs and API slicing by user-defined geometry makes integration easy.


Cirium completes acquisition of Cirium

Enable a more informed, safe and accurate unmanned flight planning experience

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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