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Cirium LIVE webinar: The digital future of flight
June 3, 2021 | 3 PM BST; 10 AM ET

Keynote: Developing a 360-degree view of aviation with a digital first strategy.
Panel discussion: Has the pandemic made the aviation industry think more about digitization? 

Moderator: Rachel Humphries, Director Of Communications at Cirium will moderate the webinar.
Keynote: Jim Hetzel, Head of Product Management at Cirium.
Panel: Niha Shaikh, Senior Product Manager at Cirium and guest panelist, Daniel Stecher, VP Airline Operations – Aviation Operations Solutions, IBS Software.

Introducing Cirium Profiles

Cirium Profiles is designed to be the fastest and most accurate way to track an airline’s fleet and covers in excess of 800 operators.


Top 5 ways to monitor an airline’s fleet

Over the past 12 months, commercial aircraft in-service figures have fluctuated from approximately 26,000, down to lows of 8,000 in 2020.  Recovery from COVID-19 is on the horizon and the fall out from the pandemic will impact the future make up of the fleets of many airlines.


Elevate your business

Elevate your business showcases not just what Cirium does, but it demonstrates the opportunity for innovation in a time of disruption,” says Jeremy Bowen, CEO at Cirium.

Data is a key element in accelerating digital transformation in the industry. Data fluency along with analytics are driving bold decisions and reinvention among companies poised for success in a post-Covid environment.

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