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Snowflake Software customers have access to the largest, most complete timely aviation data and analysis.


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In an industry that is in constant motion

You have to control the uncontrollable with data and analytics

We want to work with you to make more informed decisions and predict future demand. Helping you to improve traveler experience, develop commercial strategy, manage financial investment or elevate air operations. Solve it with Cirium.

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Our solutions are used to improve operational performance, develop forward strategy, and improve profitability. Our customers keep the world moving and place Cirium’s knowledge and technology at the center of their business decision making process.

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With innovation in our DNA, the world's most comprehensive lake of aviation and travel data sets and a smart team of market experts, we are at the forefront of digital transformation and machine learning. Our business is to ensure your success.

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How our data and analytics drive solutions

90 million passenger itineraries
90 million passenger itineraries processed per year to alert corporate travel companies, travel agencies and airlines, so travelers stay up-to-date with flight status and airlines minimize disruption.
US$300 billion
Over US$300 billion worth of airline tickets analyzed for market insights, in collaboration with the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
35 million airline flights
Over 35 million flights tracked per year covering over 97% of scheduled flights worldwide and more than 90% of commercial aircraft in service so that engine OEMs can keep track of the per hour use of their engines.
US$5.3 trillion
US$5.3 trillion worth of aircraft assets valued per year, as part of strategy and pricing partnerships with the world’s top 50 lessors and tier one investment banks.