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Cirium provides the most accurate and comprehensive data for a 360-degree view of aviation. Get up-to-date schedules, flight status, aircraft configuration, ownership data and more.

Key Cirium data sets


  • Published schedules
  • Marketing and operating carrier
  • Minimum connect times
  • Mainline and regional carriers
  • Departure and arrival airports
  • Aircraft seat configurations
  • Aircraft types
  • Fuel burn and CO2 emissions
  • Historical flight schedules


  • Flight status
  • Aircraft position (lat,/lon, altitude, speed)
  • Aireon satellite-based ADS-B data
  • Tail registration numbers
  • Aircraft types and changes
  • Departure and arrival times
  • Taxi-in and taxi-out times
  • Performance metrics (CF, A14, D15, B0)
  • Cancellations and diversions
  • Weather – METARs, TAFs

Fleets and Valuations

  • Detailed airline fleet data
  • Fuel burn and CO2 emissions by flight and cabin class
  • Aircraft ownership and age
  • Aircraft cycle and utilization, MTOW
  • Aircraft engine types
  • Class and seat configuration
  • Installed IFEC systems
  • Aircraft and engine values
  • Accident data
  • Tracked utilization
  • Valuation services

Trips, Fares and Traffic

  • Global traffic
  • Historical fares
  • QSI
  • Fair Share
  • Ticket Data
  • PNRs
  • Trip Breaks
  • Travel search demand (3Victors)

Air Traffic

  • FAA traffic management
  • Weather – METARs, TAFs
  • NOTAMs

Easy data access and implementation

Cirium data sets and aviation analytics are available as APIs, web-based applications, downloadable flat-files, data workbooks (like Tableau or Power BI) and managed cloud solutions.

Jet engine close up - engine type and winglets impact emissioms

Evaluate Cirium data today

Work with data experts and engineers to explore the right data set or request a sample to help power your solution.

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    Create custom data solutions

    Combine data sets to provide new and unique views into aviation data. Cirium makes it easy to develop new solutions and find new ways to analyze information and find the stories in the data. Learn more about Cirium Sky or work with the Cirium professional services team to develop unique solutions.

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