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Aircraft Analytics

Aircraft analytics delivering a 360-degree view of aircraft assets

Cirium® AscendTM provides trusted aircraft analytics and consultancy to inform financial risk, investment strategy and market assessment decisions. As of August 2023, Cirium data contains complete profiles on 465,515 commercial aircraft.

NEW! Ascend Risk Analytics. Accurately monitor aircraft utilization and inform strategies to reduce CO2 emissions.

NEW! Ascend Value Trends. Monitor and benchmark key value and liquidity metrics by different aircraft asset classes. 

Discover the new wave of aircraft analytics.

Risk Analytics Product Demo


Join Cirium experts for aProduct Demo webinar, as they showcase the key features of Cirium Ascend Risk Analytics. Learn how to monitor, benchmark, and compare aircraft utilization and CO2 emissions. They will demonstrate how to build custom portfolios and answer your questions.

The most complete view of aircraft, past, present and future with Cirium Ascend

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