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Quick aircraft intelligence by airline or lessor

Identify new products and services, easily prepare for investment discussions and formulate winning strategies with the quickest tool to view aircraft intelligence by an airline or lessor. Access Ascend Profiles for descriptive analytics for over 1,700 airlines and over 300 lessors.


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Profiles is part of the Ascend® set of products and services providing aircraft analytics that businesses trust to make impactful financial risk, investment strategy and market assessment decisions.

Airline Routes

Drive business growth and manage aircraft asset risk

Identify exactly where an airline’s fleet has flown and position the right aircraft assets or products based on airline fleet requirements or manage risk around aircraft assets. The premium Routes tool provides an immediate view of how an airline is operating its fleet in the last 12 months year-over-year and is based on satellite-based flight tracking data, with complete coverage of commercial aircraft globally. Key metrics show year-over-year values for flights, seats, ASKs, routes, regions and countries.

Read more about the premium Airline Routes tool, launched March 20, 2023.

Aircraft Appraiser of the Year
Ascend Profiles

Ascend Profiles and its modules are available as standalone products, or speak to the Cirium team about the access to Profiles modules if you have access to Fleets Analyzer or Dashboard.

Ascend Profiles is available in three modules

Airline Profiles
Descriptive analytics providing advanced Fleet intelligence, premium News and a Routes­­­ feature that shows where an airline’s fleet flew in the last ­­one-month year-over-year.

Airline Profiles
with Premium Routes
Airline Profiles with the Premium Routes feature that shows where an airline’s fleet flew in the last 12 months year-over-year.

Lessor Profiles
Descriptive analytics providing advanced Fleet intelligence and premium News by Lessor.

Ascend Profiles is part of Cirium’s aircraft analytics suite of products

Together, Cirium’s aircraft analytical tools provide the 360-degree view of aircraft, past, present and future. Including:

Fleets Analyzer
The industry’s most flexible and comprehensive fleet analysis tool, now including a CO₂ emissions module. Find out more

Premium aviation news, data analysis reports and insights. Proactively addressing changes in the market. Find out more

Values Analyzer
The trusted analytical tool for aircraft values, assessing risk and liquidity of aircraft assets. Find out more

Cirium’s aircraft analytics are supported by and used by the Cirium Ascend Consultancy team, 2023 winners of Airline Economics Aviation 100 Appraiser of the Year. Visit Ascend Consultancy.

Monitor airline and lessor fleets with customizable, interactive overviews and breakdowns

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