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Experts in aircraft valuation

Improve the management of aircraft investments, financial strategies, residual value risks and aviation assets by working with a global team of consultants and analysts. Ascend by Cirium’s certified ISTAT and ASA analysts are backed by the industry’s most comprehensive values data.

Ascend by Cirium wins Appraiser of the Year for eighth time. Read announcement.

Ascend by Cirium has been providing values for more than five decades

  • Cirium has the largest ISTAT Certified Appraiser team in the industry.
  • Ascend by Cirium provides thousands of independent and trusted valuations and reports each year.
  • Ascend by Cirium offers sophisticated modeling with robust analysis to the world’s lessors, financial institutions, airlines, OEMs, MROs and insurers.

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Valuation and advisory services

The Cirium Core contains more than 20 years of historical and present market data, on valuations, fleets and individual aircraft. Leveraging this data, Cirium’s advisors and analysts glean:

  • Valuations including lease encumbered, maintenance adjusted, distressed and future residual value
  • Risk and pricing models
  • Lease reviews, maintenance reserve adequacy analysis, fly-forward analysis
  • Half-life and full-life current market and base values, by MSN, or by type variant build year, MTOW and specification adjusters
  • Market development and exit strategy studies

Industry leaders

Airline Economics Aviation 100 recognizes the year’s most outstanding performers in the aerospace industry, based on stringent criteria. Ascend by Cirium is continually at the top, recognized for its global coverage, accuracy and depth of knowledge.

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    Rob Morris of Cirium

    Rob Morris

    Global head of consultancy

    George Dimitroff Head of Valuations, ISTAT Appraiser

    George Dimitroff

    Head of valuations, ISTAT certified appraiser

    Chris Wills Head of Consultancy Operations, Senior ISTAT Appraiser

    Chris Wills

    Head of consultancy operations, ISTAT certified senior appraiser

    Joanna Liu, Cirium

    Joanna Lu

    Head of consultancy Asia

    Chris Seymore aviation market analysis

    Chris Seymour

    Head of market analysis

    Henk Omelet advisory operations

    Henk Ombelet

    Head of advisory operations

    Richard Evans airline consultant

    Richard Evans

    Senior consultant

    Max Kingsley-Jones

    Max Kingsley-Jones

    Senior consultant

    Michael Lapsom Aircraft Valuations Analyst

    Michael Lapson

    Senior valuations consultant, ISTAT certified senior appraiser

    Tony Brooks, ISTAT appraiser

    Tony Brooks

    Senior valuations analyst, ISTAT certified appraiser

    Daniel Hall IATA senior appraiser

    Daniel Hall

    Senior valuation consultant, ISTAT certified appraiser, ASA senior appraiser

    Thomas Kaplan Senior Valuations Analyst, ISTAT Appraiser

    Thomas Kaplan

    Senior valuations consultant, ISTAT certified senior appraiser

    Syed Zaidi Aviation Analyst, Accredited Member (ASA)

    Syed Zaidi

    Aviation consultant, ISTAT certified appraiser, ASA senior appraiser


    Pascal Chui

    Valuations associate

    Ascend analyst Tim Chun Hing Li

    Tim Chun-Hing Li

    Aviation analyst

    Sara Dhariwal Valuations Manager

    Sara Dhariwal

    Senior aviation analyst 

    Lalitya Dhavala

    Valuations consultant


    Connor Diver

    Senior aviation analyst

    Michael Graham aircraft equipment valuations manager

    Michael Graham

    Valuations manager

    Youcef Berour Minarro

    Principal valuations analyst, ISTAT Appraiser 

    Rob Norton Ascend by Cirium

    Robert Norton

    Consultancy operations manager

    Lionel Olonga Valuations Analyst

    Lionel Olonga

    Senior valuations analyst


    Ken Quan

    Valuations analyst, ASA certified appraiser


    Eric Tamang

    Valuations analyst

    Herman Tse Aviation Analyst

    Herman Tse

    Valuations manager

    Alex Vathylakis PhD Valuations Analyst

    Alex Vathylakis, PhD

    Principal valuations analyst, ISTAT certified appraiser


    Yiru Zhang

    Valuations analyst

    Yuanfei Zhao (Scott) Aviation Analyst

    Yuanfei Zhao (Scott)

    Senior aviation analyst

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