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Analyze the values, risk and liquidity of aircraft assets

Understand value at risk by analyzing residual value depreciation and aircraft value volatility. Invest in aircraft that match your investment profile. Cirium provides access to the most comprehensive values data, backed by the industry’s largest team of ISTAT and ASA Certified Appraisers. Cirium captures more than 1,600 unique datapoints covering the sale and lease of more than 2,500 assets a year.


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Values Analyzer is part of the Ascend® set of products and services providing aircraft analytics businesses trust to make impactful financial risk, investment strategy and market assessment decisions. Values Analyzer is the ultimate aircraft price tool.

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Values Analyzer

Gain access to unrivaled aircraft values

Cirium’s trusted value opinions enable competitive pricing. They are backed by the Ascend Consultancy aircraft appraisers. Aircraft values leverage Cirium’s extensive fleets database, containing more than 1,600 lines of market activity data annually, including sales transactions, leases, maintenance and interior refurbishment costs.

Collaborate with the largest team of appraisers

Assess aircraft values with the industry’s largest team of certified aircraft appraisers. The team has over 250 years of combined experience. Their global footprint helps inform worldwide and regional value opinions. Ascend Consultancy appraisers provide values on over 500k aviation assets annually and produce thousands of independent and trusted valuations and reports.

Make decisions based on unbiased values

Gain confidence in the values you use. Aircraft values are based on intensive research across lessor trading, banking transactions and OEM and airline inputs, and avoid conflicts of interest by not trading aircraft.

Monitor adjustments to values, market activity and volatility

Track changes in valuations based on market fluctuations, usage and configuration changes. The Inside Track on Values (ITOV) by market sector explains the rationale for values adjustments while Market Commentaries and Risk Ratings by aircraft series provide a view on asset liquidity and volatility risk respectively.

Cirium Ascend team

Ascend Consultancy has been providing values for more than five decades and has the largest ISTAT Certified Appraiser team in the industry.

The Cirium Fleet Forecast is an independent outlook of the global passenger and freighter market for the next 20 years. LEARN MORE

Ascend Consultancy releases content, on a weekly basis, covering the market including airline trends, OEM activity and the aviation outlook. READ ARTICLES


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On your values, risk and liquidity of aircraft assets projects

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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    Trusted by industry leaders around the world

    World-leading banks and lessors rely on Ascend Consultancy values

    Ascend Consultancy provides aircraft values to banks and lessors who benchmark assets, assess current values to monitor loan-to-value ratios and want to understand the overall residual value risk exposure of a portfolio. Whether the strategy is to leverage low or high volatility assets, the Ascend Consultancy insights assist with the decision-making and risk management.

    Strong relationships with airlines

    Airlines use Ascend Consultancy values to understand what their counter-parties have access to across banks and lessors, and use Ascend Consultancy values to have a common starting point for discussions and negotiations, whether it is to discuss contract terms, trade assets in or out of the fleet or to support long-term investment proposals.

    Long-standing relationships with OEMs

    Aircraft and engine OEMs use the Cirium Ascend analyses to understand the current and future values and the downside risk of their products to benchmark against competitor products and identify where products fit in terms of price in the market.

    Increasing connections with non-banking financial institutions

    Cirium Ascend works with non-banking financial institutions to assess and identify assets under investment consideration and to support the rationale for entry or exit strategies. Investors turn to Cirium Ascend to understand the aviation landscape and to understand the complex ecosystem that each aircraft exists within, which helps shape their investment strategies.

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      Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

      By registering your details, you understand that your personal data will be handled according to our Privacy Policy, additionally, you confirm the information being submitted is your own.

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