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Drive market growth with the 360-degree view of aircraft

Understand the global fleet landscape, make decisions around trading aircraft, monitor aircraft portfolios, manage financial risk and analyze aircraft CO₂ emissions with Cirium Fleets Analyzer™ – the most flexible and comprehensive fleet analysis solution in the market today.

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Gain access to the expansive Cirium database of over 450k unique aircraft records across 770+ different aircraft types.

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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    Fleets Analyzer™ is part of the Ascend® set of products and services providing aircraft analytics that businesses trust to make impactful financial risk, investment strategy and market assessment decisions.

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    Make decisions based on trusted data

    Base your analyses on the most supported and researched fleets database, including a growing list of Electric and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft data, the largest number of attributes per aircraft – over 300 attributes describing over 450k individual aircraft – and the most extensive overview of aircraft events with over 2.4 million events going back to the 1950s. Aircraft utilization data is based on advanced satellite tracking for completely independent global coverage.  

    Monitor aircraft CO₂ emissions

    Define sustainability targets using accurate fuel burn and CO2 emission metrics which have been commended by major airlines globally. View emission trends of individual aircraft and apply groupings such as by list of MSNs, aircraft type, operator, lessor, country and more. Compare the emissions performance by aircraft/engine master series for specific aircraft programs and measure improvements in efficiency over time.

    Meet your business needs with a flexible solution

    Implement faster with the most flexible aircraft fleet analysis tool in the market. Stay agile with the capability to analyze individual aircraft in more than 100 custom groupings including by list of MSNs, operator, lessor aircraft type or country. Easily navigate and interpret aircraft data with highly visual and interactive Airline and Lessor Profiles. 

    Gain access to the most complete view of aircraft

    Power your decision-making with access to the full 360-degree view of flight. Cirium’s complete data derives from proprietary information and the most diverse range of data sources including the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Aireon, OEM deliveries, aircraft registers, backlogs and utilization, direct relationships with airlines, lessors, banks, and MRO providers, financial reports, SEC filings, industry associations, air safety and more.

    Satellite-based flight tracking and CO₂ emissions data are now available with Fleets Analyzer

    Cirium integrated the most accurate CO₂ emissions and flight tracking data with its unrivaled fleets database  

    Aireon’s real-time gate-to-gate flight tracking data brings complete and precise aircraft tracking to Fleets Analyzer

    Cirium has developed an advanced methodolgy to provide a standard for CO₂ emissions reporting 

    Aircraft Data - Cirium Fleets Analyzer

    Trusted by industry leaders around the world 

    Relationships with the world’s top banks and lessors

    Cirium’s aircraft intelligence is endorsed by banks and lessors globally for monitoring the liquidity of aircraft assets, identify investment opportunities, analyze orders and deliveries to track new entrants and check maintenance obligations of aircraft.  

    Partnerships with OEMs and MRO specialists going back decades  

    For years, Cirium has worked with aerospace companies who want to understand the ownership of aircraft and define targets for aircraft parts, monitor the success of aircraft programs and track the return conditions of aircraft to identify potential business.  

    Strong connections with leading insurance firms 

    When developing pricing models and determining premiums, insurance firms are using Cirium’s data to understand the accident and utilization of different operators and aircraft types.

    A go-to for airlines and airports worldwide 

    Airlines use Cirium Fleets Analyzer to monitor the competitive landscape, look at the feasibility of expanding aircraft networks and understand the aircraft-to-flight profitability by interior fit and engine fuel burn. Airports leverage the tool to understand fleet development plans and effectively manage operations.  

    Explore Cirium Fleets Analyzer

    Used by the leading aviation financiers (lessors and banks), OEMs, MROs, insurers, airports and more.

      Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

      By registering your details, you understand that your personal data will be handled according to our Privacy Policy, additionally, you confirm the information being submitted is your own.

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      credible data to power our analysis.”

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