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The world’s largest independent aircraft database

The Cirium Core™ contains more than 300+ attributes describing 450,000+ individual aircraft. It tracks more than 2.4 billion aircraft events dating back to the 1950s, from ownership changes to maintenance activity.

Aircraft Appraiser of the Year

Ascend Consultancy

Ascend® Consultancy has the largest ISTAT-Certified appraiser team in the industry. It provides thousands of independent and trusted valuations and reports each year. Ascend models, forecasts and valuation tools are available in Cirium’s fleets and values products.

Values analyzer screen shot of aircraft future values
Aircraft asset valuations

Inside Cirium’s aircraft fleet and valuations data sets

Over 300 columns of associated data on every individual aircraft, eg, owner, manager, age, hours, cycles, etc. Information on more than 450,000 individual aircraft across 770+ aircraft types. 2,700 updates for 1,300 unique aircraft on average per week.

Cirium analysts capture and forecast values for each aircraft type and store that data in The Cirium Core™. Included are generic values by equipment type, variant, build year, maximum take-off weight (MTOW) and specification adjusters. Also captured are current and historical market and base lease rates, and future base value and lease rate forecasts for up to 30 years.

Aircraft events
More than 2.4 billion individual aircraft events, dating back to the 1950s, such as scheduled to be parked, retuned off lease, etc.

More than 210,000 individual company records, including columns for fields such as company category and type, address, status, IATA, ICAO, etc.

Inspection interval information for each aircraft, operator, aircraft type, and maintenance type eg, Delta Air Lines, Airbus A321-211, C Checks (6,000h, 4,500 cycles, 20 months… not equalized). The Cirium Core also contains details on the maintenance contracts currently in place.

Historical data on all financial transactions, from original order to leases and resales.

Company profiles
Access company profiles for airlines, airports, MROs, airline and airport groups. Profiles aggregate different datasets around a single company, including: fleets, financials, traffic, ownership, people, routes, alliances, maintenance, etc.

Fleets and valuations data sets

  • Fuel burn and COemissions
  • Aircraft ownership and age
  • Aircraft cycle and utilization, MTOW
  • Aircraft engine types
  • Class and seat configuration
  • Installed IFEC systems
  • Aircraft and engine values
  • Accident data
  • Tracked utilization
  • Valuation services

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    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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