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The industry’s Aviation Data Warehouse

Cirium Sky is an Aviation Data Warehouse that helps you analyze data to make your company more efficient, reducing costs and risk while discovering new opportunities. Cirium Sky excels over its competitors by unifying aviation data and analytics in one place with a breadth, history, and timeliness of data that is unmatched.

Better data for better outcomes

Trusted by IATA, Rolls Royce, GCAA, Vueling, Alaska Airlines, and other aviation industry leaders. Cirium Sky provides a single source of truth for efficient and effective business planning and operations for airlines, airports, finance companies, maintenance providers, travel distributors or equipment manufacturers.

Solve challenges:

Jet engine close up - engine type and winglets impact emissioms

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    Boeing Dreamliner 787


    Solve complex business and data infrastructure challenges

    Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) 

    Minimize data acquisition, ETL, and management expenses while concentrating on using data to drive the business.

    Out-of-the-box aviation analytics

    Derive insights and discover hidden answers by fusing multiple internal and external data sets.

    Enable digital transformation

    Democratize data and enable a data-driven decision culture with easy access to the aviation industry’s most-trusted aviation analytics.

    Scale decision making

    Feed your enterprise applications or use existing BI tools to visualize data and discover opportunities faster.

    Complete data flexibility

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    AWS-hosted and Cirium-managed, but portable to other cloud platforms, Cirium Sky is the Aviation Data Warehouse enabling customers to view, fuse and customize the specific insights they need. Cirium Sky provides the most comprehensive data and analytics from 35 million flights annually, almost 1,000 airlines, over 300 unique aircraft types and 400,000 aircraft records representing over 97% of flights globally and encompassing million of updates every day. 

    With Cirium Sky, you get the best of Cirium’s data portfolio which can be combined with your own organizational data.  Leveraging the power and scalability of AWS S3 and Redshift, the platform provides complete flexibility to enable customers to integrate, interact, and explore the data regardless of your technology stack via SQL, ODBC, JDBC or Python. Connect Cirium Sky easily to data visualization, BI and ML tools, such as Tableau, Power BI, Looker, QuickSight, Spotfire and more.

    Use Cirium-hosted data storage and compute resources directly or leverage Cirium Sky as a data source to enrich existing data initiatives.

    Chart outlining the before and after scenarios with Cirium sky. The image shows how data from different sources can be melded together to ten be extracted for easy analysis.

    Cirium Sky now provides direct data access to the most authoritative and independent emissions and fuel burn data.

    Based on hundreds of factors unique to the aircraft and flight:

    • Actual flight and taxi times
    • Cabin configuration
    • Aircraft/engine type and age, and ‘winglet’ equipage
    • Aircraft operating empty weight and assumed cargo tonnage
    • Assumed passenger load

    Data is provided at an aircraft, flight and route level to enable unparalleled level on analysis. Cirium Sky also provides access to next generation Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) data for eVTOL aircraft that will shape the sustainable future of aviation for years to comes.

    Equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket

    Provide full visibility into aircraft history and maintenance. From equipment manufacturing to the aftermarket, gain direct data access to Cirium’s fleets, utilization, fuel burn and emissions, schedules and aviation asset values provide a comprehensive picture of today’s aviation landscape and supply historical data to forecast the trends impacting the future of aerospace. Our team of researchers provide fleet data on over 400,000 commercial jets and turboprops, helicopters, business jets, cargo, military aircraft and advanced air mobility (AAM).

    Parts suppliers and the aftermarket see a 360˚ view of the global fleet with the broadest and most accurate equipment data to enable better planning, more efficient resource allocation, smarter investments , and identification of new sales and service opportunities.

    Aircraft interiors, aircraft MROs, seat manufacturers, IFE OEMs, interior equipment providers and interior fabricators get up to the minute aircraft details, positioning and utilization.

    Airframe and engine OEMs keep track of their equipment, airframe and engine utilization, schedules data and aviation analytics solutions to enable accurate forecasting, early trendspotting and analyzing the lifespan and performance of their equipment.


    Cirium Sky provides one easy-to-use platform that pulls together all the aviation data you need from thousands of sources – cleaned, fused, and normalized which can be combined with your own unique data sets.

    -Global Flight Schedules
    -Planned Seat Capacity
    -Minimum Connect Times (MCT)
    -Schedule Snapshots
    -Historical schedules

    Flight status
    -Near real-time and historical
    -Integrated OTP and other performance metrics
    -Fused with fleet and reference data

    Weather (METAR and TAF)
    -Near real-time

    SWIM/Air traffic management
    – Ground delays/ground stops – near-real-time and historical
    -Deicing programs (coming soon)
    -CDM (coming soon)

    Global fleet data
    -Aircraft history
    -Aircraft configurations
    -Reported utilization
    -Aircraft seat inventory
    -Indicative values
    -Detailed values (coming soon)

    Accident data
    -Aircraft accidents
    -Accident phase occurrences
    -Accident location details
    -Accident pilot statistics
    -Accident financial loss

    Fuel burn and sustainability
    -Cirium tracked utilization
    -Fuel burn and CO2 emissions by flown flight
    -Fuel burn and CO2 emissions by planned flights

    Global reference data

    Traffic and fares data
    (coming soon)

    NATS case study

    Lowering costs and environmental impact


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    Avoiding turbulence through shared data


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    Consolidating data to simplify collaboration


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