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Advanced Analytics

Weave together a story of every flight, aircraft and journey

Cirium SkyTM solutions power your information systems with the most trusted aviation data.

Elevate your business with Cirium Sky aviation data solutions

Cirium SkyTM is a vital source of aviation intelligence by providing unparalleled access to the highest quality data, now available, and integrated in one place. Propel digital transformation and enable superior decision making by bringing Cirium data into your information systems. 

Make transformative decisions with confidence. Fly seamlessly with Cirium Sky.

Action strategies to save time, emissions and costs with Cirium Sky 

Unlock the power of data consolidation Innovate with seamless integration  Accelerate strategic decision
Harness the unbeatable advantage of industry leading data with confidence. Cirium fuses proprietary data with data from over 2,000 sources, including partners such as Aireon. Connect and consume Cirium’s advanced data and analytics via preferred systems, surfaced through cloud-based Warehouse, API, Stream or File.  

Streamline providers and embrace a unified data hub for unrivalled insights.  Use and socialize data through dashboards, self-service tools and on demand analysis effortlessly across your business workflows. 

Unrivalled aviation data and analytics, now available and integrated in one place, so you can accelerate your decision making at a time when it’s most needed

Interested in using Cirium’s advanced aviation analytics but not sure which option you need? 

Talk to a Cirium Sky expert about your needs to be addressed and uncover the option which best suits you.  

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Implementing Cirium Sky leads to numerous benefits  

Unrivaled data in one place 
Access the richest database in the industry and minimize the need for multiple providers which can lead to data error and inconsistencies.  
Automation made easier 
Develop easy and cost-effective data-driven models to enable teams within your business to make better decisions in future. Improve collaboration and lower costs as you grow.    
Complementary system delivery  
Compliant with Cirium’s unified tech plan to enable a seamless experience across offerings and delivered via delivery options which suit your needs and systems. 
Insights accuracy 
Base your insights on Cirium’s trusted data. From gapless coverage of commercial aircraft globally, 99.5% coverage of scheduled passenger flights and emissions data commended for accuracy by major airlines.  
Swift decision making  
Serve on-the-spot decisions with API and live stream options, providing global real-time aircraft and flight information based on satellite tracked aircraft positional data.  
Tech supported innovation 
Get up and running quickly with support from Cirium’s expert team of technologists and access on-hand world-class customer support. Have confidence in Cirium’s first-rate security.  


Weave together a story of every flight, aircraft and journey

Cirium Sky enables businesses to make the best management and operational decisions with machine-readable aviation analytics:

Cirium Sky Warehouse  
Cirium Sky API 
Cirium Sky Stream

Discover more about Cirium’s wealth of data at the foundation of Cirium Sky:

Speak to our team about how we can work together.

It’s our mission to help you accelerate your digital transformation. Your needs first, a transformation path second.  

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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