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Flight schedules are the foundation of successful passenger service, global aviation planning and strategy. The ability to accurately understand and communicate when, how, and where an airline is flying – historically, now, and in the future – is essential to helping aviation leaders gather insights into service opportunities, operating conditions and demand.

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Stakeholders across aviation employ accurate schedules data for planning and revenue optimization.

Airlines and Airports

  • Analyze schedule change/evolution over time
  • Identify new air service opportunities
  • Optimize and create a more resilient flight network
  • Build stronger models for planning and revenue management
  • Benchmark competitors
  • Forecast CO2 emissions and fuel demand

Traveler Services

  • Improve the traveler experience through rich and comprehensive schedule information
  • Optimize distribution of airline seat inventory
  • Understand and forecast travel demand
  • Improve supplier contract negotiations
  • Enable travelers and corporations to understand and monitor their air travel impact.
  • Estimate CO2 emission by cabin-class seat

Financial Services

  • Insight on airline route expansions or contractions
  • Competitive dynamic on routes and the growth or erosion of markets
  • Identification of potential risks and losses due to changes in airline planning
  • Understanding patterns and trends of aircraft usage

Manufacturers and the After-Sales Market

  • Insight on what will fly in the future and where
  • Identify opportunities for new aircraft and/or part sales
  • Analyze CO2 emission patterns and trends
  • Forecast wear and tear of aircraft and aircraft parts based on routes flown and time of year

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    Flight Schedules and Connections Data

    Direct (Custom Format)
    Cirium APIs

    Unlock the full potential of aviation analytics

    The additional value of our schedules data is unlocked when it is combined and enriched with the broader Cirium data portfolio to deliver greater insights.

    · Status​
    · Tail / Registration numbers​
    · Aircraft types and changes​
    · Actual departure and arrival times​
    · Taxi-In and taxi-out times​
    · Performance metrics (CF, A14, D15, B0)​
    · Cancellations and diversions​
    · Fuel burn and CO2 estimates​​

    · Aircraft ownership and age​
    · Aircraft cycle and utilization, MTOW​ aircraft engine types
    · Class and seat configuration
    · Installed IFEC systems​ values
    · Accident data​
    · Tracked utilization​

    Traffic and fares
    · Global traffic
    ​· Historical fare​​s

    Air TrafficControl
    · FAA SWIM (TFMS)​
    · Weather – METARs, TAFs​

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