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Flight schedules and connections are key building blocks behind successful passenger service, global aviation planning, and strategy. The ability to accurately understand and communicate when, how, and where an airline is flying – historically, now, and in the future – is essential to helping aviation stakeholders gain decision-making insights into risk management, cost-savings and service opportunities.

More than 40 years’ experience in airline schedules and connections data

Cirium is the most reliable provider of aviation data. We don’t just give our users access to schedule and connection data. We go one step further to generate unique insights into travel distribution that supports airline planning and the identification of industry trends. This can help our customers to gain a better understanding of risk and become more profitable.

Accurate schedules data for planning and revenue optimization

Flight schedules fundamentally shape, inform and solve business challenges for stakeholders across the aviation ecosystem.

  • Analyze schedule change/evolution over time
  • Identify new air service opportunities
  • Optimize and create a more resilient flight network
  • Build stronger models for planning and revenue management
  • Benchmark competitors
  • Forecast CO2 emissions and fuel demand.
  • Improve the traveler experience through rich and comprehensive schedule information
  • Optimize distribution of airline seat inventory
  • Understand and forecast travel demand
  • Improve supplier contract negotiations
  • Enable travelers and corporations to understand and monitor their air travel impact.
  • Estimate CO2 emission by cabin-class seat
  • Insight on airline route expansions or contractions
  • Competitive dynamic on routes and the growth or erosion of markets
  • Identification of potential risks and losses due to changes in airline planning
  • Understanding patterns and trends of aircraft usage.
  • Insight on what will fly in the future and where
  • Identify opportunities for new aircraft and/or part sales
  • Analyze CO2 emission patterns and trends
  • Forecast wear and tear of aircraft and aircraft parts based on routes flown and time of year
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    Cirium flight schedules and connection data

    • 11-months of forward-looking schedules with over 20 years of historical schedules 
    • More than 100,000 updates per day  
    • Includes 97% of commercial scheduled flights spanning 99.6% of all passenger scheduled available seat kilometers (ASKs) 
    • Over 90 million online and interline connections covering 360,000 airport pairs worldwide 
    • Daily, weekly, and monthly updates from more than 900 sources

    Cirium’s schedules and connection data is based on Innovata™, which in turn powers Diio Mi™, FlightStats, and other Cirium systems through The Cirium Core.

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