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Custom data integration experts

Cirium’s global team of data integration engineers specialize in working with customers on the most complex data problems.

Cirium BluTM professional data services provides bespoke analytics to meet the customized needs of business.

Cirium’s technologists and data engineers bring data architecture, development and QA skills along with a deep understanding of the Cirium datasets to your project. They are equipped to mesh seamlessly with your team to help complete a project or work independently on customized data solutions.

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Professional Data Services

Integrate high quality data

Get help integrating data and data systems. Cirium has experience across most enterprise data platforms and technology stacks.

Get more value out of data

Professional Data Services can create custom tools that makes the data more accessible and easier to apply to business needs.

Go to market faster

Experience, expertise and initiative get solutions to market faster. Whether the solution is a customer facing app, or an internal enterprise planning tool, working with Professional Data Services will speed deployment, help avoid problems, and ensure delivery of the best possible product.

Secure and reliable

Cirium’s work is backed by RELX, a global leader in security and risk management. All Professional Data Services employees are trained in global security and privacy best practices. With each custom project, Cirium complies to our clients’ security practices.

Complement your team

Cirium’s team of data engineers are experts on all types of systems and data. When working alongside your team, they work actively to train and grow your skills. You don’t need to consume Cirium data to take advantage of Cirium data engineering services.

Working with aviation and travel data engineers

Cirium engineers will document your needs and work with you to develop a project brief and service level agreement. Throughout the project, we will remain transparent in our approach to the work.

Available on a consulting or project basis

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    Receive new reports, updates and analysis

    Be the first to know about new complimentary Cirium reports, like the On-Time Performance Report, travel and aviation research and analysis.

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