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Monitor and predict future aircraft maintenance events 

Predictive maintenance has for some time been discussed in aviation as essential to improving efficiencies and costs in aircraft maintenance. Assessing the precise locations and dates of aircraft on the ground and using this to predict future maintenance events is core to driving such efficiency and cost improvements.  

Ground Events is a first of its kind tool which enables businesses to analyze the historical maintenance of aircraft, optimize how aircraft are being used, effectively place parts and spares where they are needed, identify retrofit opportunities and more.  

Understand where, for how long and why aircraft are spending time on the ground for maintenance and forecast future events, whether that be c-checks, heavy checks, paint work, retrofits and more.  

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Ground Events is part of Cirium Ascend®, providing aircraft analytics to empower businesses around the world to make dial-shifting financial risk, investment growth strategy and market assessment decisions.  

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    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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    Ground Events product demonstration

    On-Demand – Live Date 13 June 2024

    Join Cirium experts to see how Cirium Ascend Ground Events analyzes aircraft maintenance, tracks historical maintenance and predicts future checks for placing aircraft and parts where needed and optimizes how an aircraft is used. Identify specific ground events by type, uncovering C-Check, Heavy-Check, and Paint Work events or Retrofit opportunities.

    Proactively plan for future aircraft ground events  

    Cirium Ground Events interface

    Analyze the maintenance of aircraft  

    Access maintenance specific data on top of flight activity information and identify the precise locations and dates of aircraft on the ground. The fast and flexible tool displays all aircraft ground events that last for more than seven days.  

    Place aircraft and parts where needed  

    Have confidence using satellite-based flight tracking data which identifies the precise locations of aircraft on the ground, anywhere in the world. Tracking historical scheduled maintenance checks enables the prediction of future scheduled checks.  

    Identify retrofit opportunities 

    View specific ground event information with around 35,000  labelled ground events by type of event, such as C-check, heavy check, paint work or retrofit. The proprietary Ground Events data derives from the fusion of Cirium’s fleet, maintenance and flight data.  

    Optimize how aircraft are being used  

    Filter aircraft history by aircraft registration and access the context around a ground stay. Use filters to view maintenance events and projections by event type, event start date aircraft type, operator, MRO, lessor, MRO region or country and engine type.  

    Use more informed analysis to predict the next maintenance event 

    Aircraft manufacturers  
    Meet airline service contracts and optimize operations and costs.

    MRO providers  
    Understand the competitive landscape by analyzing the addressable market and inform commercial and operational strategies.

    Parts suppliers  
    identify new opportunities with airlines and get more visibility on the request/demand for the supply chain.

    Non-banking financial institutions  
    Analyze how the maintenance and aftermarket companies are performing by assessing trends and reliably forecast the expected revenue and profits for aerospace companies in a portfolio.  

    Aircraft lessors  
    Understand when aircraft assets are due their next maintenance check and uncover opportunities to place new aircraft with airlines that effectively maintain aircraft.  

    Identify aircraft and engines to purchase, MRO providers to work with and airport locations to leverage. Help minimize fleet utilization, time on ground and turnaround times.  

    Analyze aircraft maintenance by airline to assess risk and understand MRO activity for the next 12 months to inform insurance policies.  

    What’s included in Ground Events? 

    Actual maintenance event data   Ground Events considers when the last maintenance event occurred and is the basis for predicting future maintenance events. The tool identifies all aircraft ground events that last more than seven days.

    Maintenance specific data on top of flight activity   
    Integrates proprietary fleet, maintenance and advanced flight data to identify the precise locations and dates of ground events.  Flight information leverages gapless satellite flight tracking data of all modern aircraft globally.   
    Ground event labels   Around 35,000 ground events are labelled for the last 5+ years with the nature of the ground stay, such as C-Check, Heavy Check, Retrofit and Paint work. Supported by Cirium’s experts in fleet data and the aerospace market. 

    Leverages Cirium’s unrivaled fleets data   
    Fleet data in Ground Events derives from industry leading Cirium Fleets data on over 450k unique aircraft records across over 770 aircraft types. Includes data on over 2.7mn aircraft events and over 300 attributes per aircraft.    
    Flexible and configurable   View Ground Events by number of events per airline, MRO, MRO region, aircraft type or lessor. Events are shown per month, quarter or year.   

    Multiple filters for customized vizualizations  Filter by type of ground events,  event start date, aircraft type, aircraft registration, serial number, operator, MRO, lessor, MRO region or country and engine type. 

    Unified Cirium access  
    Access the highly dynamic tool using Cirium Ascend’s common interface, complementary to other Ascend products such as Fleets Analyzer, Ascend Profiles and more.    
    Industry expert data team  
    Fleets data experts with decades of experience, making 2.7k new updates for 1.3k unique aircraft on average per week. Flight data experts making sense of over 200,000 flights per day.   
    24/5 customer support  
    15-person customer support team with a consistent 90%+ satisfaction score.


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      Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

      By registering your details, you understand that your personal data will be handled according to our Privacy Policy, additionally, you confirm the information being submitted is your own.

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