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A powerful analytics tool for analyzing traveler booking behavior and demand

Advance Bookings is part of the Cirium® DiioTM suite of airline analytics solutions for end-to-end schedule and planning intelligence.

Diio Advance Bookings

Stay ahead of travel trends

The demand for bookings and travel patterns went through significant changes after the pandemic. Business travel decreased, but leisure travel increased. The seasonality of travel demand also became more dynamic and volatile.

Today, stakeholders require faster access to more data to keep up with these changes in the air travel industry.

Advance Bookings enables you to query and analyze global booking and demand data to understand the impact of your marketing campaigns, develop compelling air service business cases, optimize your marketing spend and more!

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Diio Advance Bookings

Better demand analysis


Insights on multi-GDS bookings with global coverage. Demand data by flight, route and market.


Data updated weekly through a new fast user-friendly interface. Data easily exportable.


Past, present and future booking analytics. Understand traveler intent, monitor curve
trends and patterns.

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We help you make more informed decisions

Win new business and airline partnerships by leveraging timely booking trend data.

Tourism & Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)
Maximize ROI by making data-driven adjustments on forward booking trends.

Predict future demand and optimize marketing and pricing strategies for each market.

Leverage current booking demand data for research and accountability reporting.

Cirium’s new Advance Bookings technology will allow airports to accurately anticipate passenger demand and optimize marketing spend.

Airline Analytics for the aviation industry

Cirium Diio is the leading airline analytics platform for the aviation industry. The Cirium Diio suite helps stakeholders forecast air travel trends with reliable data on supply, demand, traffic and fares. Cirium serves airlines, airports, travel providers, tourism and other aviation sectors.

Cirium Diio Suite
The Cirium Diio suite

Get demand intelligence today!

Used by airports, DMOs, hospitality, government authorities and more.

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    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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