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Cirium partners with stakeholders across aviation. Travel companies, aircraft manufacturers, airports, airlines, financial institutions and more count on Cirium to transform operations, build apps and plan the future of travel.

We’ve recently released new solutions to help address some of the industry’s most critical challenges and opportunities:

  • Diio Advance Bookings — analyzing traveler booking behavior and demand
  • Cirium Sky Warehouse — most complete source of aviation analytics, to advance strategic planning and post-operations analysis
  • Cirium Sky API – Emissions — real-time forward-looking schedules layered with CO₂ emissions estimates and offer forecast CO₂ emissions for flights at the time of booking
  • Cirium Sky Stream – Positional — offers a live stream of aircraft positional data in real-time for situational awareness
  • Cirium Ascend Risk Analytics — monitor, benchmark, and compare aircraft utilization and CO2 emissions
  • Cirium Ascend Value Trends — Analyze the values, risk and liquidity of aircraft assets

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    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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