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Tracked aircraft utilization

Assess aircraft utilization from every angle​

The Cirium CoreTM covers more than 35 million flights annually, 97% of all commercial flights.​ Cirium brings tracked and reported utilization data together to fill in gaps in aircraft health and performance monitoring. It validates figures from operators for invoicing of services and provides in-depth analysis on market trends.

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Tracked utilization data

Unlock unique insight into aircraft utilization

Complete fleet analysis

Gain a competitive advantage by analyzing the utilization of a competitor’s fleet.

Optimize performance

Forecast demand for replacement parts, aftermarket services and upgrades.

Billing accuracy

Reduce delays and errors in invoicing for per flight hour/cycle services.

Get data faster

Save time acquiring and verifying reported utilization rates by receiving up-to-date and accurate tracked hours and cycles information.

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Build awareness of the operating environment

Stay ahead of the competition by understanding the utilization patterns of the global fleet. Use this data to build a USP that could drive your business forward. ​

  • Create regular reports on competitor OEM performance​
  • Deliver aftermarket services in the right right place at the right time
  • Increase performance by monitoring airframe utilization of aircraft/fleets that an OEM has invested in​​

Optimize performance with aircraft health monitoring data

Engine OEMS need to check engine health data to ensure they are operating to the performance levels expected.

  • Provide specific utilization information on an MSN or group of aircraft to determine if the aircraft is operating as expected.
  • If an internal system within the engine OEMs platform stops sending data from an airframe, OEMs can quickly troubleshoot the issue.
  • Airlines can take weeks or months to respond on MSN utilization. Cirium’s data is available daily allowing the OEM to make an informed decision quickly.​

Complete and accurate data; validated, cleansed and joined

  • 3 million flights per month
  • 97% of scheduled flights worldwide
  • 47 million flight updates per month

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    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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