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Data and analytics to enable more accurate fuel forecasting

Forecast fuel demand, create more efficient distribution models and track fuel consumption patterns with the most-accurate fuel-burn and emissions estimates from Cirium. 

Prepare for fuel demand changes based on planned schedules up-to 11-month in the future using our advanced proprietary fuel burn and emissions model that account for predicted aircraft type, equipped engines, air time (versus distance) aircraft attributes and age; coupled with passenger and cargo payload assumptions based on years of historical data. Download the overview.


Better data for intelligent decisions

Gate-to-gate flight data

Cirium enables fuel providers to investigate and identify conditions that impact fuel usage. These include ‘in-air’ delays triggered by weather, airport congestion or other events.

Schedules and flight data 

Cirium tracks actual flown flight operations against flight schedules. Be informed of new or eliminated routes, as well as factoring in cancellations and diverted flights at a global level.

Aircraft utilization data

Cirium allows providers to analyze aircraft movements to understand fuel burn patterns by factoring actual aircraft equipment, on-ground time and in-time.

Fuel burn and emissions data

Cirium tracks fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by aircraft and flight and summarized by airport and region.  Get actual data, rather than averages and assumptions. Cirium’s proprietary advanced fuel burn model accounts for actual operated aircraft type, airtime (versus distance) equipped engines, aircraft attributes and age; coupled with passenger and cargo payload assumptions based on historical data.


Combine schedule information and emissions data to create fuel demand models. Deliver efficient distribution and pricing.

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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    Cirium Sky now provides direct data access to the most authoritative and independent emissions and fuel burn data.

    Based on hundreds of factors unique to the aircraft and flight:

    • Actual flight and taxi times
    • Cabin configuration
    • Aircraft/engine type and age, and ‘winglet’ equipage
    • Aircraft operating empty weight and assumed cargo tonnage
    • Assumed passenger load

    Data is provided at an aircraft, flight and route level to enable unparalleled level on analysis. This enables the most-accurate estimates of fuel demand and delivery models. 

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