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Airlines, airports and third party providers —
expand distribution and ensure your data is accurately represented in the market with Cirium’s data distribution services


Cirium has the number one source of aviation and air travel data— the Cirium Core

Cirium data powers thousands of industry touch-points for travelers such as:

  • airports
  • airlines
  • third-party travel websites
  • mobile travel applications
  • global search engines

Make strategic and timely decisions for operations. Industries include airlines and airports, air navigation service providers, freight forwarders, governments, as well as finance and aerospace firms.

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We prohibit the use of our flight information data for (EC) NO 241/2004 claims.


Cirium covers over 97% of all global commercial flights, distributes data and information on 7 million flight events weekly, 100,000 schedule changes daily, tracks 70 million itineraries per year, analyzes 300 billion USD worth of airline tickets and values 5.3 trillion USD aircraft assets per year. Cirium has the largest and most comprehensive fleets database in the world, covering over 400,000 individual aircrafts. We backdate fleet data to 1947 on individual aircraft events to include their entire lifecycle.

Only Cirium can ensure the broadest, most timely, and accurate flight information across your valuable customer touch points, ultimately reducing passenger handling and communication costs, and improving your passengers’ travel experience.

With 40% more global media coverage in 2020 than all competitors combined, Cirium is the leading source of aviation analytics for journalism and media reporting globally. Trust your data is reported correctly and enhance your brand’s reputation by supplying your organization’s data directly to Cirium.

Cirium’s Data Suppliers

Cirium partners with organizations such as Airlines, Airports, GDS, Positional Providers, OEMs, Lessors, Regulators, Government Agencies, Media, and through our aviation research teams.

Cirium has dedicated Airline and Supplier Relations teams which work with over 800 airlines and third-party providers for the direct contribution of schedules, minimum connect time (MCT), real-time flight status information, and fleets data. We put a name and face to your data supply and bring a personalized touch to data distribution.

Cirium helps organizations get critical data across the travel ecosystem when they need it. For Airlines, Airports and Third-Party Vendors, sharing aviation’s fleet data, schedules, minimum connect times (MCTs), flight status information, and aircraft seat configurations benefits your organization.

Ensure consistent, accurate flight information across channels for passenger convenience

We power global search engines, travel management companies, online travel agencies, freight forwarders, airports, and leading traveler app developers.

Cirium reaches the largest audience more than>35% of global travelers in the aviation industry each year. Partnering with us reduces costly communication errors and passenger handling costs for your travelers.

delayed business traveler

Simplify and secure the data integration and distribution process to the travel ecosystem

Data integration is simple with Cirium. Our data experts ensure your data is processed to our stringent standards, protecting your source of truth to the industry, maintaining data integrity across the processing lifecycle. We perform more than 40 different validation steps, ensuring your data remains accurate, timely, and complete across all channels Cirium supports and there are no issues with the integrity of the data provided.

Cirium is backed by RELX, one of the largest names in data security. We ensure that by sharing your data with us is safe and compliant and in accordance with data protection laws globally.

Enhance your brand through partnering with a neutral, trusted market leader for On-Time Performance (OTP) reporting

Cirium has been the leading reference for OTP reporting to the industry for over a decade. The data analyzed in Cirium On-Time Performance Report is derived from The Cirium Core—containing more than 300 terabytes of information from over 2,000 data sources. Ensure Cirium accurately tells your story to the industry, by providing Cirium with a direct data feed.

The Cirium On-Time Performance Report

Fuse and enhance your data with Cirium solutions

Sharing your data with Cirium allows you to benchmark against competitors, aiding in operational and planning efficiency by providing a 360 degree view of flights.

We fuse together multiple datasets to create a rich picture of a given flight, aircraft history, an event, forecast analysis and alike, to provide powerful insights reaching key industry stakeholders. Cirium’s insights and solutions fuel decision making within aviation.

Enrich your data by combining it with our datasets to reflect the highest levels of accuracy and completeness

Cirium delivers accuracy and value for your data across our suite of products and services. The Cirium Core allows prospective partners, suppliers, and investors to understand your business with the most up-to-date and accurate data available to the industry.


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Data supply is complimentary and we prohibit the use of our flight information data for (EC) No 241/2004 claims.

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