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Aviation finance

Manage risk and make better decisions about aircraft financing, investment and leasing.

Aircraft investment transparency

Build a global or regional aviation investment and financing strategy with a single source of fleets, schedules, maintenance, utilization and aviation asset values.

Cirium delivers the most accurate aircraft pricing data and analytics to investors and insurance companies. Understand aircraft valuation trends by aviation asset type and utilization. Manage airline credit risk, track the history of assets by operator, manager or owner, monitor airline performance with schedules and capacity information to make investment decisions with confidence.

Monitor an entire aviation portfolio from airframe flight hours, to lease end dates, maintenance schedules as well as historical and current operator information. Merge accurate fleets and schedules data with award-winning aviation asset values, and access current market values and lease rates for the global fleet. Get accurate aircraft values to help price key assets.

Aviation finance customer solutions

Cirium’s aviation data provides banking professionals with a full picture of their aviation investments.

Know where an aircraft is, how many cycles it has completed and what routes it is flying.

Drive smarter investments with complete airline and aircraft profiles.

Identify signals, measure risk and evaluate yield with easy access to historical trends and the analysis needed to anticipate future market performance.

See the full list of aviation finance and aircraft values data.

Speak to Cirium’s finance industry experts

Most of the world’s largest leasing, banking, NBFI and insurance companies depend on Cirium for aviation analytics.

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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    Finance leaders

    Customer feedback

    Magellan Group

    “Cirium’s data assists decision making in every department. The data is the industry standard — most lessors use it as an industry benchmark.”


    “Everyone’s using Cirium’s data. They are the most accurate supplier out there. From experience, other suppliers have less information.”


    Ascend Consultancy “values and market lease rates are used as a reference point for our pricing as well as quarterly valuations of our portfolio. The news Dashboard has been a useful way to keep up on industry events.”

    Bank of Japan

    “We use Values Analyzer on a daily basis to help us consider deals, and to monitor how values for popular aircraft move on a monthly basis.”

    Valuation experts

    In addition to the range of data solutions for finance, Cirium has the largest team of ISTAT certified appraisers.

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