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Aviation data, market expertise and analytics for non-banking financial institutions

Secure a competitive edge when evaluating investment opportunities. Cirium’s data sets can help analyze, aggregate and visualize insights on the aviation market.

Identify signals, measure risk, evaluate yield, with easy access to historical trends and the analysis needed to anticipate future market performance.

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Identify signals, measure risk, evaluate yield

Enhance trading efficiencies

Conduct trend analysis with historical and current observations across fleets, schedules and aircraft value datasets. Analyze future schedules, fleet development and values opinion data to predict the strength of investments.

Monitor aviation finance investments

Proactively track asset investment by viewing the overall utilization trends at the tail and portfolio level. Easily drill into flight-by-flight details to monitor the accumulated hours, cycles and risk exposure of your fleet.

Diversify your assets under management

Evaluate aviation as an asset class by reviewing historical values behavior, airline schedules and capacity, and global fleet trends and returns to match your risk appetite. Identify low or high volatility segments within aviation, stability of returns and the low correlation compared to other asset classes.

Analysis from Ascend Consultancy

Diligence with your investment decisions with Ascend Consultancy. With over five decades of expertise, Ascend advisory and appraisal teams add color and context to support investment decisions through access to the most comprehensive database.

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Cirium is a trusted independent source providing the best industry data in the market.

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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