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7 key benefits of smarter aircraft values data

July 10, 2019

For NBFIs, banks and lessors, successful risk management of aviation assets requires access to quick and intelligent aircraft values data. […]

For NBFIs, banks and lessors, successful risk management of aviation assets requires access to quick and intelligent aircraft values data. In short, it demands answers to million-dollar questions such as ‘What is the current value of an aviation asset?’, ‘what market factors are likely to affect it?’, and ‘what is the liquidity?’

In a fast-moving market, it can be a major challenge to not only get a 360-degree view across the global fleet, but also to trust that your calculations are based on data that’s bang up to date.

When it comes to managing asset risk and getting comprehensive and accurate aviation and aircraft values data, Cirium’s Values Analyzer is now widely rated as the market’s most trusted resource.

So, what are the key benefits that make the Cirium Values Analyzer database the go-to tool?

  1. Accuracy: Did you know that we update our data every 24 hours? Impressive, right? And in an industry that’s literally in constant motion, we believe that anything less would compromise performance. Our dedicated team of data researchers and technologists keep you plugged into the most reliably verified data sources to help you clearly and comprehensively understand how your assets are performing.
  2. Control: Whether you need to make an immediate move or set a longer-term position, highly-validated, full spectrum data on half-life and full-life current market and base values by MSN, empowers you to make the smartest strategic decisions. It enables you to react to changes through analysing trends from 20 years of historical values – before it’s even on the radar of your competition. And we never forget that control is all about trusting the vehicle – understanding how it’s built and sourced. As an independent provider, Cirium has a detailed view of the market like no one else.
  3. Vision: You need the full picture; Cirium Values Analyzer gives the world’s leading aviation professionals a clearer view on the residual value risk of an aviation asset and the market factors that affect that risk. And understanding the outlook – including global market trends, recent transactions and expected future activities – means you can also predict future demand and spot new opportunities.
  4. Reach: Imagine getting instant access to more than 67,000 commercial aircraft and engines values. That’s the most comprehensive offering from a single source of valuation data currently on the market. And it draws from the cream of the crop – around 1,000 robust, credible market value opinions for over 200 types and variants.
  5. Ease: Sophisticated analytics tools are only worth their salt if they also deliver a first-class user experience, and a friendly one at that. We designed Cirium Values Analyzer to provide swift access to half-life, full–life, downside and monthly lease rates for the global fleet through an easy-to-navigate online tool.
    (Above: A screenshot of an A320 valuation taken from Cirium’s Values Analyzer)
  6. Detail: Let’s get specific. Covering commercial aircraft, business jets, helicopters and engines, Cirium Values Analyzer allows you to run a valuation online for a specific aviation asset or a generic type, variant, build or specification.
  7. Expertise: You need to know that you’re in safe – and human – hands. Our game-changing online tool is managed by a team with over 50 years of expertise in guiding decision makers, voted the appraiser of the year in 2019.

Are you in control with the best aircraft values data sources and insights you need to make smart decisions? Or are you flying blind? For further details of Cirium Values Analyzer, contact us and one of our specialist advisors will be in touch.

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