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Governments & Public Agencies

Complete and accurate aviation intelligence for governments and public agencies.

Aviation insights for economic growth and security

Cirium offers the most complete and accurate intelligence on the aviation industry.

Cirium’s robust aviation data and analytics are used by many local and national governments and public agencies in to assist with law enforcement, public safety and security, economic forecasting, and reporting. Do more, faster, with Cirium data: track aviation schedules and traffic, evaluate fleets and equipment, and monitor flights in real-time.

Cirium and Governments

Why choose Cirium solutions and industry expertise?

  • Cirium leads the industry with access to data sets that are clean, accurate, and complete.
  • Cirium data is impartial to provide a more accurate unbiased forecast of trends.
  • Cirium is at the forefront of the aviation industry with unparalleled experience, understanding and expertise. 
  • We work collaboratively with our partners and customers.

Gain insights with aviation data

Explore adding new forms of aviation data to programs across governmental agencies. We’re here to show you how Cirium aviation data and analytics support government entities in monitoring and assessing safety threats, developing a strong tourist and travel economy, and forecasting and verifying aviation tax bases.

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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    Data sets and analytics solutions for governments

    This is just a small sample of Cirium datasets. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you do more, faster.

    Current and future weather conditions affecting airports and flights help you proactively handle potential emergencies.

    Traffic, schedules, and connections data enable you to manage your resources more effectively and adjust resources quickly.

    The most accurate, timely and complete global flight status information to strategically build airline and travel partnerships.

    Monitor changes in airline published schedules and forecast future travel trends to help you take advantage of new opportunities.

    The most up-to-date and historic global fleets database helps you monitor and predict tax revenue.

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