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Easy access to more than 900 airline schedules

Use Cirium SRS Analyser’s detailed reports to uncover key insights about market demand and supply, route dynamics and operational performance. SRS Analyser™ is now available with global FM Traffic data for financial analysis and forecasting.

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SRS Analyzer

The world’s best airline schedule analysis system

Plan with confidence

Cirium SRS Analyser™ empowers you to identify commercial opportunities and make critical decisions on expanding, reducing or stopping air services in any given market.

Faster data-driven decisions

Cirium SRS Analyser™ allows you to research faster by automating your workflows with a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface.

Improve operations planning

Monitor route performance and build a case to propose a new air service.

Choose the right equipment

Research aircraft, manufacturer, aircraft class and type by route and schedule.

How it works

SRS Analyser™ provides real-time data for analyzing route dynamics, passenger demand and operational performance. Fares data is available as an add-on for revenue and risk analysis. Schedule and route data is validated in real time and is often more accurate than airlines’ own schedules.

  • Worldwide schedule data, both historical (20 years) and future (11 months) updated weekly
  • Predefined reports provide many varied views of schedules data
  • Flight schedule data organized by day, week, month, quarter and year
  • Create custom reports
  • Schedule .XLS or .CSV reports to run in background for delivery by email on your frequency and timing

SRS Analyzer data

Cirium SRS Analyser™ provides access to 924 airlines and 99.9% of worldwide schedules.

Flight frequency
Analyze flight frequencies by airlines and alliances, airports and airport-city markets, country and region.

Seat Configuration
Detailed information on seats, capacity and cabin classes by flight.

ASKs/ASMs (Available Seat Kilometers/Available Seat Miles)
Analyze capacity and opportunity with complete ASK data. By flight or route.

New! Diio Schedule Snapshot

 Access historical schedule data and analysis based on airline schedule publication date. Go back in time and visualize how a schedule changed from publication to flight.

Users can: 

  • Optimize yield through historical analysis
  • Benchmark the scheduling process and generate schedule accuracy analytics
  • Increased insight into how schedule decisions were made and if they were sound decisions.
  • Identify when changes in demand were noted and acted on.
  • Analyze and compare data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Global FM Traffic data for demand and fare analysis

  • Airports can get the full picture of supply and demand insights to forecast resource needs, anticipate traveler demand and build more complete aviation development pitches
  • Financial firms can analyze yield and revenue for better financial and risk forecasting
  • Fuse traffic and fare data with scheduled and flown seat capacity to create more accurate forecasts of airline performance
  • FM Traffic and Fares data reporting can be configured via the online analytics tools within Diio and SRS Analyser™
  • Cirium’s fares and traffic data includes enhanced point of sale and point of origin detail

    FM Traffic and Fares data is only available as an add-on to Diio Mi™ or SRS Analyser™.

Traffic data is created using a multiple schedule, traffic, and fare input sources and a suite of statistical models to create accurate worldwide passenger demand and fares.


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Scenario planning

Existing Cirium Diio™, Cirium SRS Analyser™ with FM Traffic customers can now subscribe to Cirium Scenario planner. A new add-on that helps Airports to propose new routes based on actual performance.

Users can: 

  • Simulate the market with historical traffic and schedules data
  • Adjust potential connection, arrival and departure times
  • Analyze forecast outputs at the O&D level


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