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Aviation analytics you can trust

With hundreds of critical systems relying on Cirium data, data quality, reliability and data structure are top priority. Data integrity and security is part of our DNA coming from RELX Group, an organization made up of global security, anti-fraud and risk management leaders.

Unmatched reliability

Customers can check on the status of any of Cirium’s data feeds or products at any time. Scheduled outages are very rare, and unscheduled outages are even rarer.

Data normalization at a massive scale

Cirium leverages hundreds of data sources. Automated processes catch and isolate unexpected null data, improperly formatted data and other outlier data. When this happens, each is flagged, reviewed and corrected, so there is rarely a missing datapoint.

Many airlines and data suppliers depend on Cirium to help spot data integrity issues. If Cirium’s systems catch an error or a conflict in an airline schedule, we immediately contact the airline who makes the correction.

The Cirium Core, the largest aviation and travel information hub

Through The Cirium Core, Cirium can do what no other aviation data provider can: create connections from disparate data services enabling an infinite number of tabulations, calculations and comparisons for analysis. The Cirium Core enables new levels of innovation for Cirium customers. There is no limit to how data can be used and applied to elevate business.

The Cirium Core processes more than 300 terabytes of information daily, utilizing from 2,000 data sources, normalized, stored and ready for rapid access and retrieval. With multiple redundant data sources, outliers and discrepancies are easily identified and analyzed before they ever make it to Cirium customers.

Aireon ADS-B

Cirium uses Aireon ADS-B for tracked utilization, positioning and validating aircraft status. This makes sure The Cirium Core contains near real-time data on all aircraft and isn’t dependent on reported status.

Learn about How Cirium uses Aireon ADS-B Data

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