2019 Airline On Time Performance

On-time performance report

Airline and airport on-time performance data

The Cirium Airline Insights Review 2020 — Including The On-Time Performance Review 2020

The first Cirium Airline Insights Review 2020 is live for download and includes The On-Time Performance Review 2020.

The most reliable airlines and airports are…

Cirium celebrates airline and airport success with the annual On-Time Performance Review. With COVID-19 disrupting flights world-wide, Cirium broadened the focus with a 2020 Year-In-Review report, but you can still read the 2019 report.

Each month Cirium analyzes airline and airport performance and reports on flights, schedules and month over month changes, aircraft in storage and more.


About the Cirium On-Time Performance Review

  • Airline performance is determined by on-time arrivals and airport performance is determined by on-time departures. A flight is considered on-time if it arrives or departs the gate within 14 minutes and 59 seconds (less than 15 minutes) of the scheduled time.
  • There are three airline categories: Global, Major (by region) and Low Cost Carriers. Each category—except Low Cost Carriers—has winners for mainline and network operations.
  • Airport rankings are determined globally and by size, which includes Large, Medium, and Small airports.

See the global airline and airport rankings for on-time performance

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