Improve reporting and analysis of air traffic performance

Cirium offers historic and real-time data, from flight schedules and actual operations to weather and equipment availability. Air Traffic entities can use the comprehensive data to reconstruct the conditions, performance and build models for benchmarking.

Apply flight data to planning (forward-looking), execution (real-time), and post-operational (historic) review of traffic management strategies to further improve performance.

airport control tower


Achieve ground-ground interoperability

Stay ahead of the airlines

Understand the trends, driving airline schedules, routes and capacity. Use the same data the airlines use to anticipate changes in flight operations.

A single source of truth

Simplify your processes by using one source for global schedules, delays, cancellations and more.

Accelerate SWIM

CIrium handles the data, data integration and training to make SWIM easier and integral to air traffic operations.

Easy integration

Cirium’s reliable APIs cover all aspects of flight. Integrate critical flight ops data into your most important and critical systems.

Global standardization simplified

Cirium’s SWIM tools and training enables ANSPs to fully meet ICAO requirements faster and with more confidence. Cirium Sky for SWIM makes it easy to manage, standardize and share information with aviation stakeholders globally.


Discover opportunities

Data and analytics for air traffic management. Cirium manag­es and provides solutions for APOs, AJRs and ATOs.

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