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Improve customer experience with proactive services and airline schedules data

Cirium offers the most accurate and precise aviation data and analytics to enable you to provide seamless service to your travelers. We provide online travel agencies with the most trustworthy industry data.

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Cirium data is consumed by over 80% of the global travel community

Improve your online customer experience

Improve customer offerings at every stage of the travel journey by integrating timely, accurate data into your solutions that will allow customers to look up flight status, watch for tight connections, search airline schedules by flight, route and airport.

Grow engagement with airline schedules data

Deliver complete, real-time alerting and flight disruption management to create the best possible travel experience with intelligent data capabilities.

Minimize disruption for your customers

Empower travelers to anticipate and adapt to unexpected events. Make sure your team delivers exceptional customer service. Minimize the impact of flight disruptions before, during and after a trip.

Discover opportunities

Build seamless experiences travelers can count on.

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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