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Actionable insights to gain advantage

Accurate and fast information such as passenger traffic, air travel consumer demand, airline fleet management and fare share metrics. Stay ahead of competitors and take advantage of new opportunities.

Deicing aircraft equipment

Market Alerts

The world’s best airline schedule analysis system

Gain focus

Reinforce your strategic scheduling with timely insights into competitor actions. Be the first to spot opportunities.

Gain time

Daily email updates bring you industry changes, even when away from your computer. Your teams can adapt with more lead time.

Respond quickly

Know when to run contingency plans or change resources. Inform your operations with the latest updates for faster response.

Be the first to know

Be a knowledge expert and gain a 360˚ view of the industry. Become indispensable when it comes to key decisions.

Critical aviation insights

Watch by carrier
Follow the entire set of schedule changes for a single carrier to spot the moment to take action.

Watch by event
Time-boxed events can catch unusual, unexpected or one-time behaviors related to events like the Olympics, Covid-19 or seasonal holidays.

Watch by leading indicator
Track patters in behavior by carrier to quickly recognize when there’s an anomaly.

Watch by equipment type
Follow inbound market and fleet type to be ready for an up-gauge or down-gauge.

Watch by capacity
Compare route capacity by setting thresholds for seat volume on the same route and same schedule.

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