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The impact of COVID-19 on aviation

January 13, 2021

Cirium aviation insights on flight disruption and recovery for airlines and airports: reviewing schedules, routes, aircraft recovery by airline and aircraft type, analyzing fleet leasing, aircraft values – utilizing Cirium Core data sets and Cirium experts.


With so many rapid developments, visualizing analytics becomes critical to understanding what is happening across the industry. We want to enable the industry to quickly respond and better solve problems through access to data and actionable insights.

Start by exploring our data visualizations, which showcase what we can see by fusing Cirium data sets such as flight status and flight schedules data.

Cirium Traveler Intelligence Report 2021 – China Survey

New Cirium survey shows remarkable consumer confidence for a travel restart

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The Monthly On-Time Performance Report-October: Rough October skies for some U.S. airlines

These cases showed just how quickly weather and now staffing shortages can ripple through airlines just as they are seeking to maximize fall revenue.
The Cirium On-Time Performance Report is back and is now available to download.

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Cirium LIVE Virtual Webinar | November 22, 2021

Next level airline decision systems
Machine learning and emerging technologies in airline planning and operations


COVID-19 update: This update is an ongoing analysis of trends resulting from the impact of the pandemic, covering many topics to provide industry insights at this critical time.

Cirium Idea: The impact of Covid-19 on China

Cirium Idea

Take an immersive interactive journey from December 2019 to July 2020, to see how much of an impact Covid-19 has had on our industry. This Idea paints a picture of the road to recovery for one of the world’s biggest aviation markets, showing the path ahead for all markets. See the story.

Our analyses span aviation sectors and across regions. See below in-depth insights on the impact of Covid-19.

Aviation Industry:
  • Post: 21 years of airline passenger traffic growth wiped out In 2020: Cirium report reveals
  • Post: 2021: 7 key trends for air transport to recover, return stronger and accelerate digital transformation

Webinars and videos:

  • On-demand webinar: Navigating turbulence
    An in-depth review of the state of the aviation market including an overview of the impact on aviation asset values and lease rates. (March 2021). View Now.
  • On-demand webinar: Transform Aviation with Data, for a New World. (26th August, 2020)
    – Nick Ward, head of OEM Digital Solutions, Rolls-Royce Digital
    – Fabrice Valentin, head of global market forecast, Airbus
    – Bruce Dankberg, director portfolio management, Altavair
    – Andrew Doyle, market development director, Cirium

    View now

  • Video: Disruption Dashboard – How to view aviation changes, cancellations and disruption activity.


  • Post: Ascend by Cirium Weekly Team Perspective: The Implications of Airline Reorganizations for Operating Lessors
  • Post: Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on supply and demand, asset values and lease rates.

Travel management:

  • Post: How corporate travel managers can approach the unused ticket problem.
Flight disruption globally:
  • Post: Utilizing fleets, utilization and schedules data to monitor China’s flight to recovery.
    China domestic air travel capacity returns in “beacon of hope” for global recovery.
  • Report: Asia aviation slowly starting to rebuild.
  • UpdateAt least seven years of passenger growth initially lost by Covid-19 –
    Ascend by Cirium reports on the impact on airlines and aircraft manufacturers following IATA’s prediction for a 48% fall in traffic this year.
  • Post: Covid-19 impact on US, Europe travel.
  • Video: Cirium expert Henk Ombelet talks about the impact of the coronavirus on airline operations.
  • February 21 press release: Cirium analysis of Covid-19 reveals over 200,000 flights canceled.
  • Jan 31 press release: 10,000 Chinese flights cancelled due to coronavirus.
  • Post: 10 fast facts – How Covid-19 impacts global airline operations.
  • News release: Domestic markets for Asia-Pacific airlines on track for recovery through July, according to Cirium.
  • Video: Cirium expert, Joanna Lu, talks about governmental support to the aviation sector in view of Covid-19.
In-storage fleet:
  • Post: Covid-19 crisis could lead lessors to 50% fleet penetration
  • Post: Tracking airframe utilization trends during Covid-19.
  • Updated daily – post: Covid-19: Navigating the flight plan to recovery.
  • Post: Understanding Cirium’s methodology for stored aircraft during Covid-19.
  • Updates: Coronavirus: Monitoring passenger jet activity through the hibernation phase.
  • Update: Cirium is monitoring in-storage figures on a daily basis.  As of 14 April 2020, only 38% of the global fleet is currently in service.

Partner resources:

Elsevier information center While Cirium is working to provide insights into the impact on the aviation market, our fellow RELX analytics company Elsevier has collected relevant articles on the coronavirus.

IATA Health and Safety Resources

WorldAware Intelligence & Resource Center

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