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Track the global aircraft fleet

Aircraft MROs, seat manufacturers, IFE OEMs, interior equipment providers and interior fabricators use aircraft history, fleet details, airframe utilization, MRO contract end dates, lease end dates and dozens of other data sets for commercial strategy. Cirium’s equipment data makes it easy to forecast investments and plan for current and future retrofit needs. By tracking new orders, deliveries, airframe utilization by MSN and aircraft history, it is easy to create robust models to project demand.

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Develop a robust strategy for retrofitting aircraft

Develop a robust strategy for retrofitting aircraft

Understand your customers fleet, the hours and cycles of their aircraft by MSN, and where and when an aircraft is scheduled for maintenance. Build models that identify aircraft that are suitable for cabin upgrades by assessing the lease end dates by operator and aircraft type.

Build trust with proactive fleet maintenance

Understand your customer and negotiate confidently. Use comprehensive aircraft history by MSN to identify change of owner, manager or operator. Find maintenance checks by provider and future lease end dates. Use accurate data and analytics for an understanding of your clients’ fleets.

Plan your inventory and supply

Track new equipment orders and be ready for deliveries. Monitor the true utilization of an airframe in almost real-time. Plan for and invest in the right product lines, equipment and training based on aircraft orders, utilization trends and retirement scenarios.

Data sets and analytics solutions for the aircraft interiors market

  • Global and regional flight schedules in SRS Analyser
  • Detailed fleet data in Fleets Analyser
  • Aircraft profiles
  • Airframe utilization
  • Cabin configuration
  • Seat and IFE OEM providers
  • Aircraft maintenance history

Discover new opportunities

Cirium enables smart decision making and in-depth knowledge of your customers’ fleets.

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