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Empowering future aviators with the best-in class aviation data and insights

Education tools to empower future aviators

Cirium is the aviation and travel industry standard for data quality. With our robust and unbiased aviation data, you can prepare your students for essential roles in the future of aviation. 

No matter what aviation sector students are preparing for, Cirium data helps them develop a deep understanding of the current operating environment and prepares them for a variety of careers in the industry.

Cirium delivers data and analytics solutions globally to leaders in aviation finance, aerospace, airlines, travel, governments, airports and more.  On any given day, our aviation data sets manage more than 300 Terabytes of data covering everything from schedules and routes to aircraft configurations, valuations, emissions, and passenger record numbers.

Cirium data empowers aviation and aerospace educators

When Cirium works with education programs, we strive to match software and data to the learning needs of the students, while supporting educators in developing forward-thinking data-driven programs. Our education partnerships support

  • Aviation management, finance, and operations
  • Aviation sustainability
  • Aviation maintenance and maintenance management
  • Fleet management and forecasting
  • Air traffic control, dispatch, and other airport functions
  • Safety and security
  • Aviation avionics, electronics, and engineering
  • Marketing and development
  • Regional economic development and planning
  • Travel and tourism

Cirium analytics supports research

Cirium supports aviation-related research and development to help educators and researchers gain further knowledge across an array of disciplines.  We support emerging aviation technologies and help drive and shape data-driven policies in sectors:

  • Public health, to help mitigate the spread of a contagion.
  • Economics and tourism, to boost revenue and develop new markets.
  • Regional and infrastructure planning, to ensure future development meets projected demand.
  • Environmental research and sustainability, to help airlines meet their sustainability goals.
  • Safety, to guarantee that aviation operations are reliable and comply with regulations.
  • Security, to monitor potential threats and ensure peace-of-mind.

Benefits of using Cirium data in the classroom

Cirium data and tools are often used by students and teachers as key data sources for academic research, white papers, and theses. Cirium data provides essential, unbiased information for case studies and situational analyses, enabling students to think critically about the information at hand. It provides an advantage for schools when partnering with airlines and travel organizations on special projects.

Cirium makes it easier for students to apply real-world information to scheduling, forecasting, air traffic control, and route planning, giving them a competitive edge in the market. Students using Cirium data receive unparalleled first-hand experience using the most accurate aviation data set in the industry.

Educators partnering with Cirium

Cirium is committed to the expansion and advancement of aviation by providing expert data and knowledge to faculty and students.  Cirium’s experts work with instructors to identify the right solutions based on the program curricula and learning goals. As a leader in the aviation industry, we assist educators in not only addressing the current challenges and opportunities but also forecasting future trends. We ensure the programs Cirium works with address current and future industry needs.

Take a look at a study conducted by Tourism Australia and the University of New South Wales, using Cirium data.  If you’re interested in using Cirium data for your own research, let’s talk.

Equip your program and drive insights

Students, if your university does not provide access to Cirium products, you can sign up for a 30-day evaluation API account in the Cirium Developer Center using a university assigned email address.

Educators, if you’d like to explore what Cirium data can do to help you in the classroom, contact us today.

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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    Insights from students and educators

    “The Cirium dataset allowed us to understand what parameters influence air traffic, routes, and yield. This was then combined with our linear regression and neural network analysis in our attempt to predict the effects of route investments on economic growth, indigenous tourism, and the environment.”
    Dylan Sanusi-Goh, Engineering student, University of New South Wales

    “It’s interesting to get a look at the many statistics that can be derived from Cirium data, especially with regard to international air routes. I used the processed data to compute the tourism sustainability measure I defined for different routes and built time series models with the result to predict the measure in future periods.”
    Zelong Bi, Statistics student, University of New South Wales

    Cirium products and data commonly used in the classroom or library

    Are you a student studying one of the many facets of the aviation industry?  Cirium is consistently looking for people who are early in their aviation careers.  Check out our Early Careers program at Cirium. 

    If you’re a student interested in learning more about Cirium data, you can sign up for a 30-day evaluation API account in the Cirium Developer Center using a university assigned email address.

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