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Gain full visibility

Cirium provides a 360˚ view into the global fleet. With the broadest and most accurate set of equipment data, aftermarket specialists can stay ahead of their customers by understanding the configuration and usage of each aircraft. Aircraft history, fleet details, aircraft positioning and dozens of other data sets lead to better planning, more efficient resource allocation and smarter investments for aftermarket specialists and MROs.

Access the latest information from passenger load to flight amenities via easy-to-use web interfaces, or consume the data directly from your own systems with robust APIs.

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Insights for aviation aftermarket suppliers

Stay ahead of the competition

Understand your customer and what they fly, so you can offer exactly what they need. Build models that track which aircraft are due for amenity upgrades and parts replacement.

Build trust with fleet operations

Understand your customer and negotiate confidently. Spot missed opportunities with dependable benchmarking information.

Resource planning

Respond to market shifts faster by quickly spotting trends and customer needs. Use data to innovate your own services and build confidence in your planning and decision support tools. Plan for and invest in the right product lines, equipment and training.

Better proposals

Lead proactive conversations. Shape proposals with data intelligence designed for aircraft maintenance, aircraft engine manufacturers and the aviation aftermarket.

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Cirium enables smart decision making and in-depth knowledge of your customers’ fleets.

    Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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