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Intelligent airline operations and planning

Cirium offers the most accurate and precise data and analytics to enable airlines to optimize planning, operations and passenger services. The right intelligence drives operational efficiencies, enables you to predict market shifts and helps airlines respond quickly to maximize revenue, manage costs and seize commercial opportunity.

Cirium’s broad range of aviation data products and analytics are designed to ensure planners and operations managers have access to the data they need, on demand or integrated into your existing data systems, or delivered as part of a passenger solution.


The most trusted solutions to plan with confidence and operate efficiently

Access fleet data

We provide the broadest range of aviation fleet data products and tools to access them. Our fleet data can help you manage your investments, or gain an understanding of what aircraft is in market at any given time.

Drive digital transformation

With industry pressures to re-engineer the passenger experience from the inside out, your greatest asset will be having agile partners who can innovate, from flight status data to airline schedules.

Benchmark your schedule

Access the largest set of schedule data and use this to forecast demand, optimize your schedule and evaluate various competitive scenarios. Measure airline on-time performance improvements, including code sharing airlines, and gain insights into passenger and competitor behavior.

Analyze market opportunity

Spot trends, determine market size and find service gaps. Use accurate data to create new forecasts and identify service opportunities.

Discover new opportunities

Use data to forecast airline network expansions and evaluate competitive scenarios. Measure airline on-time performance improvements, including code sharing airlines, and gain insights with industry data you can trust.

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    Airline data partnerships. Better. Together.

    Reach over 1,700 distribution points. By joining the Cirium Alliance, Cirium’s data distribution program with more than 900 members, participating airlines can make sure their schedules reach the broadest set of travelers and travel professionals.


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