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How airlines and airports can solve mysteries in flight operations

October 30, 2019

“The Truth is Out There.” Or so the tag line of the popular detective TV series, “The X Files,” used […]

“The Truth is Out There.”

Or so the tag line of the popular detective TV series, “The X Files,” used to say.

It was a great – and many people would say, ground-breaking – show. And for over 10 seasons, the lead characters, FBI agents Mulder and Scully, chased down leads and dug up evidence that ultimately left them and the audience hanging off a cliff. In the end, nobody was entirely sure what was really going on … or who the “Cigarette Smoking Man” was!

The problem Mulder and Scully faced isn’t unique to the FBI or any other organization. They worked hard to gather a lot of information; however, it was all acquired piecemeal, its bona fides couldn’t always be confirmed, and the data was often contradictory. Putting together an accurate picture was virtually impossible. No wonder we didn’t find out who Mulder’s real father really was until the Season 11 premiere. (Don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you here.)

The aviation and travel industry face a similar predicament. Okay, there aren’t any aliens involved. But everyone–from aerospace players to airlines and airports–needs to collate information from a multitude of sources, some more reliable than others, with the goal of squeezing out some actionable insight.

The thing is, while companies are often experts in their own field, they don’t necessarily understand the nuts and bolts of data science. And they shouldn’t be expected to.

What they really need is a trusted source of data analytics that pulls in a multitude of fragmented inputs and will help achieve operational excellence and more accurate strategic planning. And, there’s a name for it–Cirium Workbooks.

How can visualizing your data impact performance?

Getting a solid grip on the fundamental, operational details of a business isn’t optional. It’s an essential piece of the management puzzle. You need the right technology to handle a lot of the heavy lifting. With compelling visualizations in analytics dashboards, strategic planners and operations directors alike can easily find answers to critical questions.

Here are five advantages for optimizing your decision making with Cirium Workbooks.

1.   See what’s important in one place

Cirium analytics professionals create customized workbooks, tailored to meet the precise requirements of individual companies. Airline customers tell us there is huge value in compiling daily performance comparisons on the number of flights, seats, cancellations, delays and complete flight percentages.

We also are seeing customers pull up competitive statistics by route and airline to analyze how effective a new route launch has been in the market.

2. Access data fast enough to make decisions in the moment

The Operational Intelligence Workbooks automatically update with both scheduled and actual flight information every 60 seconds. Using near real-time data means you can make informed decisions much faster.

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3. Have enough data to extract meaningful analysis

Cirium Workbooks eliminate the hassle of collating data. Cirium is the world’s leading provider of flight status data. Our database contains historical data all the way back to 2004, and we track over 35 million flights per year. Processing this amount of information puts us in a position to provide an in-depth view of how airlines are performing globally.

We gather flight information from over 600 sources. Our data processing team has logic, processes and protections in place to corroborate the information we acquire from more than 120,000 operated flights per day.

4. Share insights across an organization

With features, like Single Sign-in, stakeholders across teams can easily access compelling visualizations. The data is also easy to export to Excel, PDF, PowerPoint or existing enterprise systems for further manipulation. This allows organizations to manage operations in real-time and enhance the strategic planning process with a comprehensive view of daily, weekly or monthly flights at the airline, airport, market and route levels.

5. Get set up quickly without additional IT support

As well as speeding everything up, online access reduces the burden on IT resources. This eliminates the need to install any new equipment or software.

The truth is in there

These days, information is the lifeblood of the aviation and travel industry. But you don’t need to be Mulder or Scully to find the right data or work out what to believe.

Because, when it comes to arriving at an accurate version of the truth that businesses can rely on, the answer is always the same. Cirium!


For further information about how Cirium’s smart analytics solutions give businesses actionable insights, contact us here, or read more articles like this.

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