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The Cirium Core

Data at the heart of everything

Unparalleled information

Through The Cirium Core data system, Cirium can do what no other aviation data provider can: create connections from disparate data services enabling an infinite number of tabulations, calculations and comparisons for analysis.

The Cirium Core enables new levels of innovation without barriers for Cirium customers. There is no limit to how data can be used and applied to elevate business.

The Cirium Core aviation and travel data diagram

Inside The Cirium Core

  • Details on more than 35 million flights per year
  • Information on 97% of scheduled flights worldwide
  • More than 400 pieces of information on each aircraft
  • 1.7 million updates made every day
  • 90 million passenger itineraries each year
  • $300 billion worth of ticket pricing data captured for pricing and trend analysis

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