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Traveler services

Power traveler services with data — improve the experience of traveling and anticipate change

Find Cirium data in seven of the top 10 industry travel tools

The most trusted and dependable data for traveler applications and infrastructure solutions.

Data powers today’s most important and popular traveler tools, from booking and planning applications for travel pros to enabling enterprise solutions to keep travelers informed of schedule changes and updates.

Accuracy, speed and integrity are why leading travel service providers choose Cirium to power their systems, analyze traveler trends and develop new services.

Create a personalized, relevant experience directly for the traveler. Streamline workflows with PNR monitoring, accurate flight status and flights, routes and fleets data.

Cirium delivers news, information and analysis for airline planning and offers a variety of feeds, APIs and tools for developers to integrate the industry’s best data into IT systems and applications.

Explore Cirium solutions

Improve customer experience with proactive services and airline schedules data.

Improve customer experience with proactive services and airline schedules data.

Gain passenger insights and improve tourism strategy with airlines schedules data and flight analytics.

Cirium data and analytics powers online travel portal services, travel agency CRMs, flight maps and artificial intelligence solutions.

Build tech solutions with the leader in aviation data

Action the data the way you need it with flexible, easy-to-use APIs. Quickly access airline, airport, flight, on-time performance and weather data services. Cirium sets the standard for data collection and management by designing sophisticated algorithms and coding our own software.

Discover opportunities

Anticipate customer needs, improve response, accelerate airline operations, develop innovative solutions.

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