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Traveler search data is the best indicator for predicting near-term travel behavior and gaining insights to traveler demand prior to bookings.


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    How Traveler search data is captured

    Search behavior is captured from more than 500,000 global touchpoints.

    1. A future traveler visits an online or offline travel agency, meta search or travel search engine
    2. The traveler searches for flights
    3. Query parameters (searches) are captured and collected by 3Victors in under 30 seconds
    4. Data is cleaned, de-duplicated, normalized and made ready for analysis in a Tableau dashboard

    DemandView and Diio

    DemandView search data, paired with DiioTM, provides the most complete solution for analyzing future traffic, managing emerging opportunities and developing more efficient marketing.

    • Visualize travel demand into an easy-to-interpret signal for strategic planning
    • Understand where and when travelers want to go
    • Identify and manage passenger trends
    • Create highly targeted marketing
    • Develop strategic plans based on trusted demand indicator

    Diio schedules data provides an 11-month forward view into planned flights.

    By adding in 3Victors search data, you can build a comprehensive forecast that includes planned flights and traveler intent. Add Diio Traffic and Fares to look at historical airline traffic by origin, carrier, class and more. Gain the ability to examine potential competitor demand and current traffic by origin and destination.

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